Councillor Recall: Djorner, Councillor of Culture

Started by Emily, April 07, 2022, 11:19:58 AM

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Shortly before 5:00 local time this morning, Djorner vacated both the Calamity Refuge discord server and moved his nation out of Refugia. Djorner had been inactive for 14 days at this point, but was still a Member State in Refugia. As he didn't have an exemption to his member state status, the relevant guidance dictating his Member State status is RRS 3a, which states: "A Resident will lose its status as a Member State if it elects to depart the Region, its status is self-requested to be revoked, or the Resident is ejected."

On top of leaving the region for Free Nations Region, Djorner has had a rough half-term as Councillor of Culture, in which he was mostly absent. During his time in office, he has headed no events, created no content, and only copy-pasted the previous Councillor's official dispatch, leaving some coding out so that it was more or less botched. The only seemingly official moments during his time in office were a strangely in-character statement on the invasion of Ukraine and a couple trivia questions, the answers to which were factually incorrect and needed to be checked.

Calling for Recall

Djorner, elected Councillor of Culture on February 14th, 2022, left the region on the morning of April 7, 2022 for Free Nations Region and has remained there. Before this, he had not logged in in 14 days, and most of his activity in both the Calamity Refuge discord server and the region took place on four days, separated by significant spans of inactivity. A seeming lack of interest and no cultural input have defined his term to this point.

I am hereby invoking RRS 9 to call for a recall vote due to vacating the region and neglecting the responsibilities of the job.

List of Grievances:

  • Updated in Free Nations Region at April 7th minor, losing Member State status.
  • Long spans of inactivity, resulting in five active days since his election on February 14.
  • Has not been active in the CalRef discord server since February 23.
  • Has not fulfilled any responsibilities of the Councillor of Culture since his election.

Authored by: Sylh Alanor
Seconded by:

To push a recall election, I am calling for another Member State to second this proposal. Also feel free to give any feedback in this thread regarding a way to make this better if necessary.