[Passed] FA Councillor Statement on Meihua

Started by Luca, August 21, 2021, 04:58:13 PM

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Statement on Meihua


Tradition indicates that Refugia views its respective embassy regions as allies, aligned in values and culture, bound in friendship and a shared sense of purpose. In these relationships, the expectations are relatively casual. Our primary goal is the continuity of our communities and the peaceful coexistence with our neighbours where these values are shared. Although we aspire to these long lasting and harmonious friendships, through the inevitability of communities' rise and fall it is not always so.

The region Meihua is one of our older standing embassies, despite our minimal contact with the region. Indeed, it is indicative of the benefits of doing no harm. However, when this embassy was forged on February 12th 2020, the region was at its all-time high of eighty nations and seeking to improve. Instead, however, the region became locked into a steady decline that it has not found the ability to escape from. The cause seems to correlate to Lukatonia's resignation as Chief Elder on February 1st of that year.

The population has steadily fallen from eighty nations to its present state of fifteen, with the last nation casting an endorsement reaching its end as well. Ashaie's two and a half year delegacy has come to an end, and without another World Assembly native in the region, she cannot be replaced. It now appears to be regrettably time to retire this embassy and hope their community may one day recover and return to promising future that it once knew.

Until such time, under RRS 11(e) as the Acting Councillor of Foreign Affairs, I am initiating a region-wide referendum to determine the fate of this embassy, RRS 6(b)(iv).

- L
Refuge Isle