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Started by Emily, November 04, 2019, 02:27:51 PM

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Hi friends! I thought it might be a fun way to connect to one another if we had a thread where we could share our dispatches and factbooks.

I can get started with my historical factbook entry on the rise of the only true Elvehn immortal, Silvehn. That story is documented here.

Also shameless plug we have the eco report for this month.


I've written our first Cultural Dispatch of a sort, an update of recent news and events. Please let me know if you liked it or if I need to tone down the weird humour. Thank you!


King Of Subadent and Her Trees, Speaker of Their Language Wucelapan.


Polis Diamonil

I've written a number of dispatches contemplating my nation of Polis Diamonil and attempting to extend its fiction well beyond the rude boundaries permitted by the NationStates issue system.  The general link is here:

Every issue that passes through Polis Diamonil is (eventually) logged!  The sequence in which issues pass or are dismissed is however not at all the same as the order that the issues arrived in.  The game is (pretending at) presenting issues at random, so I am not bound to produce my stories according to the ordering in which issues are given!


The issues that are sent to your nation are randomly selected from the issues that you qualify for. I am presently aware of 1302 issue, but some of them can't come to your nation if you have a policy where the issue's premise would be made illegal. Most of them, along with their consequence lines, are supposed to be funny but they were written over like seventeen years, so some of the editors have been inconsistent or have otherwise popped in some jokes that are inappropriate by today's standards. Shouldn't take it too seriously though :raz:

I've been playing Refuge Isle by stats basically since I made it. So over the last year it's picked up a few golden badges and mostly reflect the traits and policies that I believe in, personally.


Just a heads-up for everyone, I've now posted the January 2020 Eco-Report for Refugia! I hope everyone enjoys it <3


Oh my gosh so much has changed! Most of the links here don't even work anymore because I mysteriously deleted some dispatches :P

Here's a couple new dispatches though: