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Roleplay / Re: OoC: A Voice from the Storm
November 09, 2019, 03:13:48 PM
"Suit yourself" and then he'd head back to work, probably contemplating a return to Thomond. Hope this helps!
Roleplay / Re: OoC: A Voice from the Storm
November 09, 2019, 02:35:13 PM
Ok, that's no problem, I thought the kingfisher was something else. We can just say Éire is just really far away, but still inside the borders. In that scenario, Cathal would say "Because there's a bloody war going down right now. It'll be anarchy, and there'll be nothing left to return to after we cross this stupid forest"
Roleplay / Re: OoC: A Voice from the Storm
November 09, 2019, 01:43:47 PM
Cathal would say "ah here now, there's no need to get your knickers in a knot. Thought you should know about the important things and important people on the other side of the Kingfisher! If ye go past that forest without knowing what's going on in Éire, ye'll look like a fool! There's a bloody war going on over there, and even though Thomond is ages away from the Kingfisher, there'll be havoc right outside it. In Sasanach, in An hAlbain, everywhere! If Thomond goes to war, the rest of Mumhan will be in anarchy, then Éire, then everywhere. I'm sorry to be getting so rude, but ye need to know this for yer own sakes."
Roleplay / Re: A Voice From the Storm
October 13, 2019, 02:43:35 PM
Cathal sat down beside Kaegan. "Well, any craic?" Kaegan grunted. "Not up for an aul chat there, are we? Well suit yourself I'll just be here if ye need me, won't be no bother to ye" he said, as he made himself comfortable. He sighed, and dug around in his pockets for something to entertain himself with. A map of Thomond and the surrounding area, Éire, came out in his hand. "Éire Saoirse, Éire Cinealta. Thomond Saoirse, Thomond Cinealta" he muttered to himself. It was the national motto. He knew this map, he knew  the land. He traced the Shannon river with his finger, until it ran off the page. He had no idea what was in between the end of that page and wherever he was now. But he knew it was beautiful. There were cities of gold, and buildings so tall he thought they were able to touch the goddesses, Saoirse and Cinealta. He wished he could have mapped them, or even stopped at them, but his boat kept dragging him along.

He snapped out of the thought as a young boy came up to him, shaking like an earthquake, with a letter in his hand. On the letter there was a blue seal, with three crowns. The seal of his home. He leapt to his feet, practically taking the boy's hand with the letter, as the poor kid ran off.

He prayed to Cinealta that the letter was from his father, an admission of guilt, some money perhaps. Even a bleeding knife sharpener would be handy.

"A Cathal,
I am writing to inform you of the home situation. Our Corcaigh brothers have fallen in combat to Ciarraí. My cousin has begged me to bring An Clár into this, promising land and, their hand in combat if we every decide to take Luimneach, as we should. I am an old man, my time is soon. We need you here, to lead our great men into battle, wether with swords or knives or even bloodied hurlies and sliothars. We'll let you walk free if you help us now. What do you say?

"What do I say?!"

"Lyndh, is it? Yeah yeah listen here, look what my bleeding da just sent me! He thinks that once all of Thomand goes to fecking war that I'll just forgive him so I can put on a show for the rest of Éire. I'm not having it"


"Jesus none of ye talk?"

He felt like Rizali might be interested in this, they seemed awfully interested in where the hell Thomond was. He gave that fecker from the Olympics a run for his money with how fast he caught up with Rizzo, as Cathal had decided to call him

"Yup Rizzo! Wait would ya? I have a letter here, I don't know how my parents found where I am, but they did. I just got this from my da. They want me back in An Clár to fight a war for Corcaigh, just to scare Luimneach and impress the rest of Thomond and bloody Éire!? He can feck off, I have this gig here, I'm not bothered to fight a war for a county that I was only just fighting against a few years back. But I thought you might be interested. I have this map if you want to see it."

Roleplay / Re: A Voice From the Storm
August 04, 2019, 07:37:26 PM
Just as the crowd was beginning to part, a rough, yet upbeat, voice called out as it entered the room.
"Ri' lads, s'the craic?"
A lanky, unkempt teenage boy walked quickly towards the crowd, and, in response, the crowd quickly dispersed. It was obvious that no person wanted to be seen near this guy.
He wasted no time introducing himself to Rizali.
"Nice to meet you, I'm Cathal, from the Culéin Clan of Thomond. I suppose you could say I represent them. Sort of"
What clothes he had were very simple, ill fitting, worn ones. The only item of interest was the blue shield insignia on his belt, with three crowns on it. The belt itself was cheaply made, and barely held his trousers up. A knife was held to his hip by it.

"Here now, I seriously need a hand, pal." he said to Rizali, "I just got kicked out of Thomond. I'm poor as, can't even afford a slice of bread. I hear that ye are headed off to that forest. I hear that yer trying to cross it. Sure, I'm the perfect man for the job! In Thomond, you'd be crossing forests like that all day. If ye can feed me on our journey, ye can enlist my services. Gwan, help me out."