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General Discussion / Music!
November 10, 2019, 12:54:57 PM
This thread is all about music. Do you wanna discuss your favourite artists? This is the place for that. Do you wanna drop the latest music video of said artists? You can do it here. Do you make music yourself? This is where you can let us hear it and talk about it.

I'll start by linking a song I love.

Which reminds me.... how do I put a preview of a YT video in here?  :sweatsmile:
Roleplay / CTU OOC thread
November 10, 2019, 12:36:40 PM
Welcome to the CTU OOC thread!

This first post is mostly meant to provide some initial info about the CTU RP thread. The actual meat of the whole setting is going to be put on the wiki (eventually).

Now... let's tackle a couple of things.

What the heck is CTU?
CTU (Clock Town University) is meant to be both the sequel and spiritual successor to HySchool, a RP thread from a couple of years ago where, among others, Valkyrie and I took a bunch of our RP characters and put them in a high school setting, then threw in some drama, romance and mystery.

So we're gonna move on to the college years and have some new players and new characters and loads of fun.

Where does it take place?
Hyschool had this sort of ambiguity about it where it took place in a setting that pretty much is similar to our world, with references to existing countries, while also taking place in a place called Hyrule (of Legend of Zelda fame). There were barely any fantasy elements, and all characters were just regular ol' human, even if the initial characters they were based on were not.

In short: sorta in the real world, but in a fictional country.

What kind of university is CTU?
The fun is that we can find out together! I've come up with a couple of things already, but feel free to add or make suggestions to change these aspects of the uni.

1) The dorms are coed.
2) The university somehow manages to cover a heck of a lot of degrees and courses. This is so that characters can study very different things while still having opportunities to interact with each other.

Do I need to know anything about Hyschool to participate?
Not really. There will be the occassional reference to HS events, but in essence CTU is self contained. We would be excluding everyone but a handful of people otherwise.
In case something that happened in HS might become relevant to the story of CTU, we could put that on the wiki.

Anyway, that's all I can think of at the moment. Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, etc. etc. :)
Roleplay / CTU: Clock Town University
November 10, 2019, 12:13:27 PM

The campus of CTU was teeming with life as the first wave of the new batch of students started populating the previously abandoned part of the dorms. It was still more than a week before classes started, but the fresh blood would not want to miss the renowned Week of Welcoming. Getting to know your fellow students, learning about the university’s rich history, exploring campus. All the essentials to help prepare for the ultimate Clock Town University experience.

There were definitely no crazy parties that influenced the WoW’s popularity. At least, that’s the idea that the officials try to sell to the students’ parents. If her sister’s stories were anything to go by, Arélana was to assume otherwise. Not that she would want to spend a week partying her ass off, even with Marelle’s constantly assuring her that she would love it.
Even now, as she is moving into the dorm room she is going to call home for the foreseeable future, Arélana has to make great efforts to tune out her sister’s blabbing about what a great time she was going to have here. Not that she had a lot of opportunity to focus on that. Her brother was a bit too overzealous in not letting her do any kind of lifiting.

“Here Lana, let me take that from your hands too.”

Arélana reluctantly let go of the box she was carrying. She knew Valvius meant well, but she did not like being treated like a fragile doll. Even though she had lost strength and feeling in one of her arms and therefore lifting things wasn’t ever going to be easy for her, she had always been someone who would do as much as she could without help. She decided to let it slide, however. Arélana wanted her first day at her new habitat to be a good one. Just one day without confrontations, without drama. Only a day of space to breathe would be enough to create a tiny, little zen garden in her head and be able to take on the weight of whatever the rest of life had to offer. And thus, she let her big brother do his thing. It probably made him feel better as well.

Arélana looked at the middle aged couple standing in the doorway of her dorm room. She gazed at their faces, trying to find out what they were feeling. The results of her analysis was that she couldn’t tell for sure. From logic and prior experience, she could deduce that it was probably some mix of happy and sad feelings. Some pride, some sadness. Her father’s sharp face was ever the epitome of stoicism, and Nayru knows whatever her mother’s ever-present half-smile indicated.

“Ari,”, her mother started, with a tone that evoked…concern? “Are you still sure about…Well, this.”, she said as she made a circular motion with her arms, pointing towards Arélana’s upper body. She was going to assume that her mother was hinting at the top she was wearing.

“You know I don’t like sleeves.”, she replied, trying to mask the mild agitation she felt.

“Yes, of course, but…”, her mother replied, playing with a strand of her long, blond hair. A sign of nervousness, Arélana knew. “People can see.”

“I don’t think I mind. Someone is going to find out eventually.”
She looked at herself in the mirror. All the features that made her Arélana Athryn where there. Thick wavy dark brown long hair, pale skin, green eyes, no sleeves, and a nasty scar on her left shoulder.

“I’m sure I’ll be reminded of it no matter what.”


First day on campus. Not the first day of classes. Randio was not thrilled. He didn’t even want to show up for the Week of Welcoming. But that bastard of a butler Biron had to convince him to have “some more fun in his life” once again. And Randio listened, because it wasn’t like he really had a choice. Better to agree immediately than have Mr. Blackpool come up with some crazy plan to make him go anyway. In the end, he would have to go if he wanted to make any friends. He had made some progress in that regard in the last year of HySchool high school. Still, they were baby steps, and he had learned that he had a lot of things to process before things would be as they were again. If ever. The most important thing was that he was working on it.

And here he was, sitting in a large expensive car driven by the family butler, ready to take his first baby steps into what would be his life for the next couple of years. He looked to his left, where aforementioned butler was sat, his hands on the wheel, staring ahead, wearing a smile that was the second most regular occupant of his face (the shit eating grin being the first).

“You’re gonna love it, Master Randio.”, he said in the most terrible impression of… some posh British accent.

“I thought you had stopped that.”

“Stopped what, Master Randio?”

“You’re not Alfred Pennyworth, Biron.”

What do you mean, Master Bruce?”

“I will friggin’ punch you, Blackpool.”

“Just trying to get one more rise out of you while I still can, Randy. You’re not gonna be sharing a building with little old me anymore. No, no. no. Instead, Master Randio is going to share a building, and much more, with a buncha hot-“

“Please don’t finish that sentence, Bi. I’m here to study.”

“Of course, kiddo.”

As the car neared the parking lot of the campus, Randio started to feel more and more anxious. He could see the people staring at the car. This was one of the moments he wished he wasn’t loaded. Sadly, he didn’t get to pick the car this morning.

“Can’t we park somewhere where there are… you know, fewer people?”

“You wanna haul all your shit over a bigger distance? Be my guest. And you do understand you can’t avoid being seen, do you? And you do realise that wearing those shades aren’t going to make you stand out less, do you?”

“Fine.", Randio sighed. "Let’s get started then.”