Sharkside Society Seeks Perfection of Evil in Polis Diamonil

Started by Polis Diamonil, January 02, 2020, 09:34:42 PM

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Polis Diamonil

(Hi!  I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in RP.  It's technically a request for commentary on the most proper evils to introduce in a nation via the in-game issues system, but it's meant to be IC-ish like most of how I play Polis Diamonil...  So I don't know if this essentially NS-mechanical or essentially RP.)

The background dispatch:
(Note that Polis Diamonil dispatches may update with 'news updates'.  The number at the top is the day-of-play; DoP to date conversions are available in the main Iss-Log.)

A remarkable speech has recently shook the Diamonil Sortition Parliament as a previously unknown faction of still unknown extent has become visible to the government only after a member of it was drafted by the lots into the Parliament itself.  Recurrent deliberations about how to cajole or compel the payment of taxes so that the government could become more efficiently funded brought forth this spark of unexpected light.  While some skepticism still exists about whether the Sharkside Society of Distrust truly exists at all, a new strain of shocking analysis is entering the contemplations of the Diamonil Sortition Parliament just as the brutal utilitarianism of the Adamant Talons is entering a period on the wane in the wake of a terrifying conflict that wove through and beyond the borders of Polis Diamonil.

The Sharkside Society has warned that everything proposed in their name "will be a bad policy".  They have nevertheless expressed that in an endeavor to promote "rational distrust", it is their express intention to begin to sabotage policy deliberations in Polis Diamonil, and to encourage the government of Polis Diamonil to make a greater rate of "useful and necessary" errors.  The intention of this is to operate in such a means as to produce not disruption, but clarity.

The "sharksiders" are presently seeking international assistance from Refugia in identifying correctly bad government policies so that the nation may grow more savvy over time without destabilizing its idealistic dedications.