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« on: November 11, 2019, 03:58:37 pm »
    Question: Hello, what is this board!?
    Answer: It's a board about NationStates

    Question: What is a NationStates:
    Answer: ShowHide
    NationStates is a browser based political simulator, based on a core concept of creating an online representation of your favourite real or fantasy nation, or even abstract concepts like being an actual hurricane. There's a range of flexibility around implementing what you want to create and how you want to create it.

    Like the classic hook of Minecraft, all the objectives are open-ended. The government type, national policies, and census characteristics you set are handled by answering a series of 1,300 moderately problematic issues and filling in custom fields once they become available. Outside of answering issues, the aim of NationStates is for people to worldbuild not only their own country, by coming up with their own Wikipedia-like information sheets and current event postings, but also contribute to building the world at large.

    Your nation is always inside a region. Residency in the region of your choosing reflects as much on you as it endorses where you are. The other players in your region are usually your primary social group. The interactions that take place there form the metagame of NationStates, which can include developing your own regional legislatures and government styles, or roleplaying your nation's current events and international relations, calculating wars across maps of your own making.  Regions can appoint or elect officers with assignments and permissions to carry out various functions in the game, including conducting polls and establishing regional embassies.

    On the global scale, the World Assembly exists as an international organisation in NationStates made up of other players who draft, propose, and vote on any proposal that they can think of. The resolutions passed in the General Assembly reflect how the world feels about a certain topic and what they want to do about it. Those decisions can affect the census stats of your nation. Meanwhile, resolutions passed by the Security Council can commend or condemn nations and regions, or even break down password-protected entry with liberations. Endorsing the World Assembly delegate in your region directly increases your region's power on an international level, as well as protecting your region from raiders.

    A region can be raided by a group of World Assembly Nation suddenly storming in and endorsing one of their own to gain executive power immediately. This can occur if there is no founder in a region, or the region's founder has given executive power to the World Assembly delegate, so that they may be elected with no oversight besides the voters. When a raider gains the status of delegate from the support of their raid group, their residency plus every endorsement they hold generates influence in that region. The raider can spend that influence to close the regional borders, and eject nations from the region to secure their control in the long run.

    While the raider's influence is building, the native leadership officers can spend their own influence to eject and ban the raiders. In cases where the target region is small and weak, or using certain tactics the raid may start and end within a single hour. If the raiders successfully take over a region and the natives lack the power to stop it, they may need to solicit the aid of larger group which is sympathetic to their cause and use the same raiding techniques to get control back. This process is known as defending. If the raid has closed off the region's borders with a password, the natives can still fight for their region by drafting a World Assembly Security Council resolution to liberate it.

    Question: What can I do here?
    Answer: You can build this region into your dreams.

    In Refugia, we more or less set all the rules. Not just CalRef mods and admins, but actual players. The rules that govern this region are called the Refugia Revised Statutes, and we are one of the few regions that have a direct democracy, meaning anyone who is a member state of the region can submit a proposal to revise, add onto or dismantle the law of the land or run for a council seat.

    Question: How would I make such a proposal?
    Answer: To draft a proposal, telegram it to me and have your Second verify that they support it, and it will go up for vote.
    Example: ShowHide
    As an example: on Sept 28, 2019, Áthidill submitted a proposal called Guidelines for Environmental Participation and Implication and it looked like this:


    PREAMBLE. This document presents guidelines and goals which are to be sought out by Refugia and its members. To establish, in direct continuity with Refugia’s ambition of establishing environmentalism as one of its core values, the Refugia Revised Statutes shall be amended such:
    - Guidelines for Environmental Participation and Implication -

    1. RRS 9. The Region defines the goals and expectations in it Members' conduct and operations in the following ways
    • Reach an average environmental beauty score of 1,500 by the end of 2019, and maintained thereafter.
    • Reach an average eco-friendliness score of 5,000, by the end of 2019, and maintained thereafter.

    2.RRS 10. Mandates that the Councillor of Culture develop a Regional Eco Report in order to support 9. a) and b) and identify ways in which Member States of the Region may contribute towards the environmental targets established herein. Further, mandates that the Councillor of Culture publish regular updates to the report in order to maintain its relevance and timely advice.

    Authored by Athidill
    Sponsored by Refuge Isle

    If you want to collect people's ideas and plan out what you're going to submit, place a thread here with the [Draft] tag and collect feedback from people in the region.

    Question: How do I run for a Councillor?
    Answer: By sending a message on the RMB (the message spot at the bottom of the region page) preferably with a short message about why you should be elected. You may also post in this NationStates board to do the same thing. Make campaign posters if you want.

    The election schedule is here:
    Foreign Affairs         Jan 1 - 7         May 1 - 7         Sept 1 - 7
    Culture            Jan 7 - 14         May 7 - 14         Sept 7 - 14
    Operations         Jan 14 - 21         May 7 - 14      Sept 14 - 21

    The first and second days are the candidacy period. You must announce your candidacy then or you will not appear in the poll. Look for an announcement from me when a candidacy period begins.

    Question: Can I just submit a proposal to make a new Councillor position to run for?
    Answer: Of course.

    Question: How do I join the World Assembly?
    Answer: Look at the World Assembly Page and apply to become a member. You must have a valid email address to confirm you are a real human and you may only have on World Assembly account at a time. Creating multiple accounts to influence WA votes or delegacies will get you MEGA BANNED. Endorse Refuge Isle to give a +1 to the regional vote.

    This topic remains open for any questions you have which aren't in the above How Does.[/list]
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