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Spam / Re: Name Five
September 22, 2022, 08:52:16 AM
Zack Morris
Zac Morris
Morris Johnson
Una Morris
Seth Morris

Name five things that cannot be destroyed by any mortal agency
Spam / Re: A List of Things the Subject Has Been Set To
September 22, 2022, 08:44:26 AM
CalRef II: I've never heard of weather, but it happens at the very least
CalRef II: Now Testing Cures for Early Onset Telekinesis
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CalRef II: Home of Clavicle Vile and Tibia Septim
CalRef II: I am Gandalf, Headmaster of Hogwarts and Dragon God of Time
Spam / Re: Give yourself a pony name
September 22, 2022, 08:38:44 AM
Victoria Secret
Spam / Re: Spam Points
September 22, 2022, 08:37:56 AM
HumanSanity: 81
Emily: 64
Luca: 53
Argo: 30
Wasc: 10
FLP: 7
Ziz: 5
Dyll: 5
Fox: 4
Zuk: 2
Aav: 3
Sueloc: 1
Istillian: 1
Spam / Re: Name a type of pancake
September 22, 2022, 08:37:21 AM
Spam / Re: Name/Invent a Jelly Bean Flavor
September 22, 2022, 08:37:06 AM
Spam / Re: One Word Storyline
September 22, 2022, 08:36:17 AM
Once upon a star supernova, twenty six legendary cards descended from our tall card tower. Hooray!
Our newfound love Testlandia, wore splendid magenta fursuit, specifically commissioned to contain BEES! It buzzed through rainbow, over walls yonder, and into the sky. At midnight, Gerald Ford erupted from his volcanic lair, overflowing with meritorious service. Both chambers reloaded their legislative shotguns while removing glistering shirts, heated by lava undershirts. Ford devoured the 535 imperial guards, while copper prices skyrocketed, and legislation stalled.

Meanwhile, the legendary crocodile, Crocodile Irwin, initiated CPR for the legislature of New Hartoria. Mercifully, HS wrote textwalls of nonsense which follows:
"Spinning crickets mercifully inundate Equestria"

Spam / Re: CTRL+V
September 22, 2022, 08:35:30 AM
The effect of winning is: you aren't destroyed.
Spam / Re: Corruption Game
September 22, 2022, 08:35:10 AM
Granted, but it was a complete failure.

I wish that people read the bot messages I wrote.
The Admin Tower / CalRef Development Journal 33
September 09, 2022, 09:04:13 PM
Dot 3.5: When

Some might ask: Luca, Dot 3.5 when? To which I say, correct!

I'd like to start by issuing my apologies that this update was not out sooner. I had originally planned a more elaborate feature addition for this update, but after a couple hundred hours and seventeen hundred lines, I think I came to the conclusion that it may be a bit above my skill level for the moment.

Since there are many other things that we'd like to see happen with Dot, I'd rather not have all of that continue to be tied up, with progress locked off. So, that command has been postponed and our main changes this update are largely administrative. I do have one item which might be helpful for you, as it has already proven helpful for me.

If you have trouble remembering anything, there's an app [command] for that, called remind

Reminders are messages that you can send yourself through space and time to post at a point in the future. This command is designed to accept a variety of human inputs as valid entries as long as they contain some relevant keywords that cause the sentence to make sense. Generally, though, you'll probably be using something like:
  • I cast remind me to do something in an hour and a half
  • I cast remind me in 5.7 minutes to do something
  • I cast remind me that I should do something next week

You can use most time references such as, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years, etc, and you can use ranges in digits (1, 2, 3.5, etc) or words (one, two, three and a half, etc). There is a limit of 25 reminders per operator, which can be set between one minute and five years. Dot only polls for reminders to deliver once a minute, so if you want something within a very short range, there will be up to 59 seconds of a magin for error.

You can manage all of your reminders by using the command by itself, I cast remind, or any of its aliases (including /remind). The remind command will give you a list of everything you have actively set, when it's due and what the message was. In this interface, you can use the dropdown to select any or all reminders that you'd like to cancel early, or exit if you wish.

When it comes time to remind you, Dot will DM you the reminder with the contents of your message. If Dot is unable to DM you because you don't accept DMs or have blocked her, she will attempt to ping-reply the original message where the reminder was set. If that fails for one reason or another, that reminder will be unceremoniously deleted.

Dot Left My Server!


As mentioned in the last post, Dot has been pruned from servers that had five or fewer members and, for the time being, they are unable to re-invite her. While I'm happy that people found the recruitment command to be useful, unfortunately these empty recruitment servers accounted for 45% of all servers Dot's in. I'm only allowed 75-100 server slots before Dot needs to get verified and cannot be admitted into any new servers until she is.

Since Discord will not verify a bot that is in so many shell servers, hopefully you can see this is quite a pickle and we should solve this now before a legitimate wants to add her and can't, while we're stuck with the loss of the "I cast" prefix. It would be ideal if you wished to re-add her to your region's main server to improve Dot's odds of getting verified, but if you cannot or are unwilling to add her to your main region's server, the last update brought with it the ability to use most commands (including the recruitment command) in a DM. So at the very least, you can continue your normal routine there instead.

The End of the Gen 1 Economy

The following commands have been retired: buy, sell, stocks, study

Amazingly, the economy has been around ever since Dot 2.4, in April of 2021. In it, we added not only a currency system, but a stock market. Interest in running a simulated stock market was actually what drove me to making the economy commands in the first place. But we've had a year and a half of that and the conclusion of the simulation is: Stocks make inequality go exponential in ways that basically few other things can dream of and eventually devastate the entire economic system. I suppose that was to be expected.

Time for a hard reset. Everyone's stocks have been sold off, everyone's Infinity contributions have been merged with their bank accounts, and all of this produces a list of players that have generated the most planets since we got started. Of this leaderboard of 50 people, the top 25 who did not already have it from ten million in Infinity contributions have been given a Gen 1 Economy badge for being the most successful players over its duration. Since seven people acquired the badge via the Infinity project while it was in service, the top 32 players will receive the badge.

Those badges will be here on the forum, if they have an account, and they will be made available to planned future profile features where we can make better use of stuff like this.

Here's the leaderboard:

18Sir Merlin#6879287,070
33Neo is Best Girl#400267,423
44Nuevas Ideas Creeper#137640,356
45The Islamic Country of Honour#656738,881
46Cat Overlord#662537,890

Per usual, congrats to the wealthy and condolences to the poor. 564 million is no small number, and it is well beyond anything I thought would be possible. If I missed awarding you the Gen 1 Economy badge, I might not know you have a forum account (or I might have spaced out entirely), so send me a message if you were missed.

With this conclusion and badge distribution, the economy is functionally suspended, in the next update, we'll start to bring some of it back in a new system that will make competition possible again.

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

  • Info now posts a member's role by mention
  • Added Security Council resolution statuses to the nation and region commands, with matching embed colours and regional pretitles
  • The region command now has better formatting and displays endorsement rate and total endorsements.
  • The nation command now has better formatting and displays the nation's primary banner or a random banner if no primary is set
  • Added a link to the last update post in the version command
  • Error messages no longer ask for the command used, for they are reported (along with its alias and invocation method) automatically
  • The colour command now supports image transparency
  • Fixed roll not allowing 100 dice, as intended
  • Fixed an issue where hypesquad brilliance's badges were not reporting in info
  • The server command is slightly more cohesive
  • Fixed a bug in rotato where loading the oldest file in the set caused the command to fail
  • Fixed an issue where version could not be used in a DM

Report all errors to the local authority.
The Admin Tower / Catherine is Now a Mod
September 04, 2022, 12:11:29 PM
Hey guys,

You may have noticed over the last several months that things have been a little more active and upbeat in the chat, and that's been through no small effort on Catherine's part. Coordinating events, games, movie nights, and being a bright happy face that the undeserving encounter when they first make the mistake of clicking the invite link to our server. It's an under-appreciated effort, but also one that has helped our community a great deal. We are, naturally, "thrilled as fuck" that Catherine has accepted becoming a Global Moderator for Calamity Refuge and have every confidence that she will be a superb addition to the team.

Please join me in well-wishes and congrats :uwu:
The Admin Tower / CalRef Development Journal 32
August 28, 2022, 08:20:12 AM
Dot 3.4.5: Rolling Rolling Rolling Update

Another minor update that gets its own post? What next? RPing???

This update is primarily a backend rework, and the good news is you're already using it. To the servers who were helping me to test this new structure and iron out its bugs over the last week: Sorry for the bullshit! But now we have some important scalability fixes to deal with the increased use. In particular, the way that we're processing data as well queueing API calls have been rebuilt substantially.

For you, this will mean three things:
  • All commands are faster, and commands that interact with NationStates will be much faster in particular
  • Dot can handle bursts of traffic much better, and can deal with being in a lot more servers at the same time
  • Slash commands no longer periodically fail for unknowable reasons. Only knowable reasons.

The bothersome cooldowns have been nerfed substantially, no longer binding to individual servers, but to individual operators. Each operator can now use up to five commands over the course of ten seconds, shared across all NationStates commands. This means that the average operator will rarely ever encounter a cooldown message, and probably only when they would be spamming.

The recruit command has been made "not shit" as a number of bugs are fixed, including race conditions involving switching operators or restarting quickly. But most importantly, recruitment is no longer bound to individual servers, but to individual channels. You can use recruitment not only in DMs but also concurrently in the same server, probably for frontiers. You can (and will have to) set unique templates for each channel. These templates still persist across recruitment sessions.

As a component of the fixes, the I cast r finish subcommand has been removed, but in exchange, I have added "Finish" buttons to every "waiting for new nations" post, as well as the "Lights Already On" warning, in case you want to stop early or perform an override, respectively. So that's probably useful.

Improved Bouncers

If you were thinking that the previous way of creating automated welcome and farewell messages through fourteen sub-commands of set was clunky: You were correct, and they are removed.

welcome and farewell are the latest commands to join the improved admin UI system, which lets you control most aspects of the function from a single interactable console. The first step with either of these commands is to set a channel using the base command, plus an argument. For example I cast farewell #landing and I cast welcome #landing, tagging whatever channel you want to use.

From here, you can re-run the commands I cast farewell / I cast welcome to create a preview of the farewell or welcome message, accompanied by control buttons in the usual admin interface. These buttons allow you to activate or deactivate the feature. The farewell command is accompanied by a button to set an image to embed with the message. The welcome command is accompanied by a button to set the content of the message in its entirety, or reset components individually. In the welcome command, you can send in data for just one field without affecting the others, and in the farewell command, you can send in an empty field to clear the image.

The interface will update in real time when your preferences are set. This should let admins have more customisation options and be substantially easier to use.

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

  • Retired the population command, as it will take a substantial amount of time to optimise. It will likely return next year with a more robust region history/analysis command
  • Retired the mobile command, as recruit is already mobile-accessible and is no longer being threatened for the time being
  • Retired the help command, the namespace is now an alias of commands
  • Nightly now makes daily (or nightly) backups of Dot's saves so we can be sure there is no data loss now or in the future.
  • The commands menu has been reorganised to be less cluttered and (very slightly) more mobile friendly
  • The Info command no longer reports user activity or online status, so Dot can work without the presences intent
  • Documentation has been improved and demo videos for some ten commands have been updated
  • Error messages are now sleeker and slimmed down
  • Added an error handler for Discord being down (what?)
  • Added an error handler for commands invoked in channels that Dot does not have access to (what?)
  • Added more verbose information to the version command, including servers and members served
  • Added a notice to tart and top of when the last update was, and when the next one will be.
  • Fixed a bug in truesight where certain inputs caused the command to fail
  • Fixed a bug in region where responses might have been provided without valid banners

Report all errors to the local authority.
The Admin Tower / CalRef Development Journal 31
August 13, 2022, 12:15:04 PM
Dot 3.4.3 Rolling Rolling Rolling Update


Normally a minor update wouldn't warrant its own post, especially since nothing really "new" is being added. At this point, however, I thought that it would be a good time to just push this out. I'd rather keep these posts simple instead of omnibus packs where everything changes all at once. So, instead of big new features, this update is primarily about the enhancement of existing ones, everything since 3.4.0, as well as talking about Dot's medium-term viability.

Slash Commands Are Now Supported

Ripu, mobile users, except it's not my fault this time!

I am "pleased" to say that as of this update, the 50+ commands of Dot have been converted to hybrid commands. This means that that every server will pick up the option to use Dot's commands with Discord's new and bug-prone "slate" system, using / as a command-initiator. Since all these commands are pre-registered, you'll be able to see all the commands that are available for your server, their short description, and most of their programmed options from the slash context menu, directly.

Lucabaduka, why have you done this?

Excellent question, me.

The answer is that we are very close to Discord's server cap. At that point, I will have to verify Dot and Dot, herself, will lose access to data that makes both development and operation easy. Access to data like the message content intent, which is what the "I cast" system uses to figure out what you want. Dot 3.1 was the "Growing Pains" update, but what I'm finding is that every update is effectively now a growing pains update, as I need to keep adjusting how things work to deal with an increasing user base. Although it is not my preference, Slash commands do not use message content, and are the most expedient way to make sure everything remains working.

I do not see slash commands in my server!

They did not come in the original URL that you invited Dot with, so if you want to enable them, click the Add to Server button in her profile. You do not have to kick her out and re-add, just click the Add button again, which now comes with the "app commands" permission.

Famine Is On The Horizon

In keeping with the "Growing Pains" theme, I'm running into a bit of a problem, as Dot's usage is not how I anticipated it. Unfortunately the time has come to address that.

The recruitment command was developed to accommodate a team of people working in shifts while remaining in one unified server. In practice, however, what people have been doing is making dozens of micro-servers for just themself and their use, alone. Why does this happen? I literally have no idea. Maybe their home server won't permit a recruitment channel, maybe they do not trust my coding within the sacred confines of their server, I could not say. But with just a few server slots of breathing room before Discord starts making demands, this phenomenon is starting to impact Dot's operations.

My first thought is to say "if you don't trust my coding, why are you using my service?" but really, the answer doesn't matter. Instead, I have a compromise for you. Up to now, DM commands have been blocked as I considered the concept troublesome. Gun to my head, we are changing that. I have modified all commands which could work in DMs to be expanded for use there. This means that for the majority of non-server-essential commands, you can just DM Dot and get the same effect (slash commands and all).

Since effectively every message in a DM is also a ping, I recognise this may be unideal for recruitment and its perk of auto-reminders, but there are really few other options. Discord will not verify a bot that's in a hundred 1-person servers, and I am running out of the ability to let Dot keep expanding to legitimate servers while she's being used in the current manner.

To that end, in addition to the aforementioned economy reset, Dot will also be pruned from servers with fewer than 6 members in the 3.5 update. This currently accounts for 1/3rd of all servers. I am hoping to release 3.5 in September. Take the time between now and then to decide whether you want to integrate Dot into a real server, or switch to using the recruitment functions via DMs. Real servers would be ideal, as it would help Dot's odds of being verified 👍

Feature Enhancements: Discord-Based Data Retention

In lighter, news, this update comes with a variety of enhancements which will make things "better" (!)

One thing that has bothered me with the image-generation commands like avatar and display is that they're not super useful in the long run, regardless of what bot you run these types of commands on. This is because 99% of the time, discord bots just hyperlink the image URL. So, when people run these commands hoping to save their data for a temporary style switch, they come back to find their files are dead and gone because a third party (like discord) deleted it off their servers.

Well, we can fix that actually, by including the file itself in the message. So, to that end:
  • avatar - now posts your global avatar as an attachment
  • display - now posts your server-specific avatar as an attachment
  • server - now posts the server's splash (invite background) image as an attachment
  • info - now posts your banner as an attachment
  • roster - now posts the queried role's icon as an attachment
  • nation - now posts the nation's flag as an attachment
  • region - now posts the region's banner as an attachment

Since these files are now a component of the embedded message, itself, you can return at any time (even a year later) and download them for your use again.

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

  • Fixed an issue where certain commands that used the member finder repeater would fail on pings.
  • Fixed a bug where setting multiple reaction messages would cause earlier ones to be ignored.
  • Fixed a bug in nation where nations with SVG flags would not display.
  • Fixed a bug in avatar and display where animated images would not display correctly.
  • Fixed an invocation failure in avatar when used on a target without an avatar.
  • Added reset timestamps to fortune if it's used more than once by the same person in the same day.
  • Improved the processing speed of the WAs and WA commands.
  • Fixed a bug where the server owner would not have a badge in info.
  • Determination no longer works for operators with the visitor role.
  • Added support for the calref palette to colour -- Aqua, Lilac, Lonk, etc.

Report all errors to the local authority.
CalRef II: A Rotating Door of Revolution
CalRef II: The Grand Canyon of Feet
CalRef II: Smoking the Thirty Six Lessons of Vivec
CalRef II: "Good Morning, Power Rangers" Power Rangers: "Good Morning, Charlie!"
CalRef II: The Whole Foods of Thrift, The Dark Souls of Gocers, The Fermentation Stills of Banjoland
CalRef II: How Many People Could Possibly Have Mayonnaise Addictions for Them to Make a Mayo Clinic
CalRef II: A Diet of Wheaties and VOID
CalRef II: The Alabama of Japan
CalRef II: The Triforce of Sass
CalRef II: I'm Skakey, But Only Horizontally
CalRef II: A Font of Knowledge. Helvetica, Specifically
CalRef II: DESTROYED by the Shareware Demon
CalRef II: I'm so strong because of the dumpster times
CalRef II: I'm a composition truther -- I only believe in 45% of moon landings and dinosaur bones
CalRef II: We have a lot of great ideas and Jamie Kennedy is here also
CalRef II: The [volcano] dodo is a bird of pure culture
CalRef II | Days without people using lack of sleep as an excuse: 0
Refugia / Re: [draft] No, and Also Go Away
August 06, 2022, 04:08:53 PM
Another update and another substantive change -- that intervention would be commanded by the Ops Councillor, which is also something that has long been assumed.

Quote from: Zukchiva on August 01, 2022, 11:52:44 AMI wonder if it may be a good idea to directly specify what "allies" means in 7(b), rather than leaving it kinda vague.

Perhaps, although I am passively interested in leaving that for a future author. Ideally it should not be defined here if it is codified or elaborated.
The Admin Tower / CalRef Development Journal 30
August 02, 2022, 10:10:05 AM
Eldritch Archival Utility

Greetings Refugi "and normies"!

Heard about the hot, hot, hot new Detag locator that came out a couple weeks ago? Wouldn't it be a dream if there were a comprehensive utility that could go along with it so detagging would be 10% the effort of before? Sweet baby jesus, that time has come.

For the last year (yikes), you may have been hearing of a tool called "Eyebeast", which recorded flags and other data in the most inconvenient way possible. While it's cool that some people found this useful and worked it into their routines, it really wasn't meant to be public, since I never wrote a user interface and the way we were storing data was rather archaic. I have since found the time to rewrite this draft idea into a proper web app.

Behold[er], the new Eyebeast, a supernatural and magical eyeball with many other eyeball appendages. Floating, unmoving, unchanging, in a pocket dimension between the floors of the Admin Tower. We enter its space-folding room and ply it with questions. With grace and precision, it stares longingly into our souls. It screams, we scream, become filled with knowledge of the ancients, and 37% hearing loss for the next six hours.

Eyebeast is also a site that is designed to be mobile-friendly, except on any device or browser where there are problems. Access this 10/10 experience by visiting the nav link on the Network Site, or by going to Eyebeast directly. On the landing page, you're met with a search bar. This is for searching. So type in a region, or copy-paste a region's entire URL, idgaf, Eyebeast consumes all.

On the results page, provided there is one, you'll see all of the snapshots for that region which exist within the database. There are flags, WFEs, tags, ROs, and the banner the region had at the time, if any of those apply. Use the forward and backward buttons to switch between snapshots until you find one that looks like it was written by the native population. Use the copy button to load the WFE onto your clipboard. Want to download a flag or banner? No worries, just tap the flags or banners and download them in one click. What else...Uhm? Idk. The WFE results return things like emoji and other special characters, if the were in the data, so that's an improvement.

But Luca, there's only one snapshot right now!

Indeed. Unfortunately, we can't go back in time to download flags and banners that have already been deleted, nor can we get old tag data. I don't see much of a purpose of a snapshot when most of the data will be missing, so we shall simply wait for new snapshots to be added. The perk of Eyebeast is that it's a longer term tool that will be around for quite a while, so this time of limited data is temporary.

Starting now, every Wednesday, a new snapshot will be added to the database. After a snapshot is six months old, it will be consumed by the Eyebeast and lost forever. This means that you will effectively have six months to detag a region before its native data is lost.
Have a blast!
Report all errors to the local authority.
Refugia / Re: [draft] No, and Also Go Away
July 28, 2022, 04:22:02 PM
Slightly improved verbiage added.

For background, we'll want to avoid "independent", as that relates to a military alignment that both raids and defends.
Refugia / Re: [draft] No, and Also Go Away
July 28, 2022, 01:41:18 PM
Quote from: Natalie on July 28, 2022, 01:35:20 PMWhat does "except in the direct defence of the Region's allies" mean?
It's fun, right? It's somewhat open-ended, because it appears to reference content that doesn't exist yet.

RRS 7(b):
The Councillor of Foreign Affairs, whose responsibilities are defined as management and maintenance of the travel portals within the Region. The Councillor of Foreign Affairs seeks out ideologically-similar regions to Refugia and builds relationships with them. To that end, the Councillor oversees the construction, maintenance, and withdrawal of embassies.

This Councillor shall:

  (i) Maintain the relationships between Refugia and its allies.
This is the only thing that references "allies". Presumably, this implies that we either have them or view our embassies as them. Meaning if a region like Canada, which is our oldest embassy in fact, comes under attack, we retain the capacity to assist. Or not. Whichever it is.
Refugia / Re: [draft] No, and Also Go Away
July 28, 2022, 01:34:28 PM
Quote from: Catherine on July 28, 2022, 01:32:23 PMLooks good, and it's a good idea to have it in writing. If it goes to vote, is it worth having in there for newer folks an explanation that this doesn't actually make any changes to our position, or would that be in an RMB post surrounding the proposal?

The one minor edit I'd say is that I think "throws" in this case is spelled "throes".

You are right, thank you. English is my first language, but like pancakes, you usually have to throe the first one out.

I'm not against having an explanation, but I'm not sure what that would look like.
Refugia / [draft] No, and Also Go Away
July 28, 2022, 01:27:06 PM

No, and Also Go Away

PREAMBLE. Observing that the world is an incorrigibly unrepentant hive of villainy from which the Region is a refuge,

Understanding that Refugia has long-held an informal designation of neutrality and counts people from all backgrounds among its friends,

Wishing to remain outside the throes of conflicts' tangled and caustic morass,

Establishes the following statute:

RRS 15. The Region defines its military alignment as "Neutral", shunning the agendas and obligations of the world's self-interested regimes, and only acting in the direct defence of the Region's allies when determined to be necessary by the Councillor of Operations.

Authored by: Refuge Isle
Seconded by: