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Title: Into the Stocks With Ye
Post by: Luca on April 07, 2021, 05:58:08 pm

Dot's going to get an Economy Update in the near future. Included in this update is going to be the ability to buy and sell virtual stocks with your virtual planets. At the moment, I can think of enough data sources to simulate eight unique stocks that all behave markedly differently from each other. Without giving away what these models will be based on, I have collected summaries for how I think they will behave, located below.

What I would like from you is names! Any kind of names. Right now this stuff is in my project files as "Model G", etc. That's no fun. So, if you have ideas that come from IRL, some local business, something from your favourite RP, or just something based on yourself, give a suggestion below. You can toss in an option for any or all of the following models. The suggestions that look the most interesting will be added in the economy update.

Here are the model ideas:

Model A
Long-arc loss/gain trends with possible, though infrequent, sudden spikes and drops (usually favouring the current trend direction).

Model B
Very long term, gradual peaks and valleys. Seems to favour certain seasons.

Model C
Classic stock-like fluctuation, but without the exponential growth. Seasonal rises and falls are around +/- 25%. Follows actual markets.

Model D
Generally weekly trends, with sudden changes possible to appear and be corrected in a single day.

Model E
Slow and steady rise, and has never been known to drop.

Model F
Generally long term gains, but with occasional nose-dive setbacks.

Model G
Reliable seasonally-based trends.

Model H

Please be sure to not only provide a name suggestion, but a description or tagline and a stock symbol to go with it. The anticipated behaviour descriptions will not be added, so write whatever you want in the description or tagline instead. For example:
Model A:
Tim Hortons Inc (THI)

"A place to buy and sell people named Tim Horton. Try our world-class Tims at Tims!"

Have a blast.
Title: Re: Into the Stocks With Ye
Post by: Emily on April 07, 2021, 06:13:08 pm
Model B: Elahána Textiles Index Fund (ETIF)

Elven magically-infused textiles take decades to craft and perfect. It might take a few centuries to see your gains, but what’s that matter to an immortal? Buy 10 shares and get a blanket that’s always warm to the touch for free!
Title: It seems nowhere is safe from capitalism 😔
Post by: mads on April 10, 2021, 09:18:40 pm
Model C:
FLIT FlitCola
Sponsor of breakaway nations and paramilitaries the world over, FlitCola™ brings a jolt of flavor to your tastebuds!© Pick up a FlitCola™ today!

Model H:
CVP CherryVale Produce
What started as a simple cherry farm has grown into a powerhouse, providing people perfect produce to prepare!
Title: Re: Into the Stocks With Ye
Post by: Luca on April 11, 2021, 01:40:51 pm
I like these. I'll go ahead and claim F

Model F:
SKYRAIL Industries [SKY]
"The ride is free, you pay with the curses. SKYRAIL: It's a miracle you're still alive."
Title: Re: Into the Stocks With Ye
Post by: Emily on April 11, 2021, 01:51:06 pm
Model D: Inverted Spire Magitech [MAG]
"Lighting up your world... or exploding it!"