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Started by Argo, March 05, 2022, 05:14:03 PM

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I have decided that I like sports now so I am hosting a sports event. This sport is of course the best sport.
Crab Racing.

Place your bets on the crabs to raise their spirits, fuel their motivation, and bring them to victory.
Your faith in them will bring smiles to their faces.

Let's meet the competing crabs:

Mr. Crabs the Stone Crab

Despite sharing a name with the legendary entrepreneur, Mr. Eugene Krabs, this crab has no interest in money or burgers. Its only goal is the finish line.

Red the Blue Crab

One may ask why a blue crab would be named Red, until they see this crustacean on the track. Anyone would quickly see that red is the color of the fire that burns as this crab's spirit and desire to win.

Bandit the King Crab

Bandit is both regal and a thief. But the only thing its looking to steal is first place. The other crabs better look out for this crab's kingly speed.

Feel free to place bets below. Place bets with anything you'd like, from your great grandmother's prized collection of Christmas ornaments shaped like turtles, to the broken pen that's been sitting on your desk for two months because you don't wanna throw it away, but at the same time you don't know if you're able to fix it, so you just walk by it everyday and think about how you should really just throw it away.

Quick disclaimer: the results will be entirely random so any crab has an equal chance of winning.

Also this will be open for bets for like two days.

Best of luck!
The Lordax

Hunter Leptk

¡¡My support (and my college fund) go out to Bandit!!