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Started by Emily, December 09, 2018, 09:38:59 PM

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Hey! People call me Fox, although I'm not really sure how I acquired the nickname. I'm not actually a furry. I use they/them pronouns.
I'm a high school student, so... probably a good deal younger than most of you guys. My NationStates nation is Araine, and I just joined Refugia a week or two ago. As far as hobbies go, I read, write (or at least, I used to), draw (mostly birds), camp, hike, fish, ride horses, swim, play video games, and procrastinate excessively. I'm very much an introvert, but people who know me very well probably have issues getting me to shut up half of the time. I'm an American, although the majority of my family is British-- and I'm becoming a dual citizen this year.
I hope I can get to know you all better throughout the coming months!


I am juuuuuust a pony
I make mistakes from time to time


Hi Fox! Welcome ^-^ (It's okay to not be a furry and have a name after an animal, lol)

It's totally cool to identify in the way that makes you most comfortable. If you ever end up feeling more comfortable with one over the others, just let us know and I'm sure we'd all be happy to switch over for you! And yeah, you're younger than a few of us, though I think we have a number of people that are still in high school.

Congrats on your upcoming dual citizenship, that's so exciting! I hope you have a great time here.



Hey everyone!

I'm Wisch and will be serving as XKI's emissary to Refugia. Although I take my job very seriously and will only bring you the hottest of takes from 10000 Islands, I'm also very excited to get to know you all. And spam. Lots of spam. I am a crazy cat lady and proud, so feel free to send me cute cat pics anytime!


Welcome, Wisch! I'm really happy you're here :D

Feel free to spam and post cat pics and hang out and chill all you like. I'm sure HS can tell you this, but the forum is kind of a community that's mostly removed from NationStates as a concept, so don't worry about always being professional or in emissary mode here. We like taking it easy ^-^


Hi there, I'm Atlae. I'm a high school senior and I've been kinda lurking in the Discord for a while before deciding to come sign up on the forums. I live in SoCal right now but I might go to college elsewhere. Glad to know you all more!


Welcome to Calamity Refuge, Atlae ^-^


Good morning lovely people
I guess I could introduce myself here. Because why not.
I'm Päiv. I go by they/them, nothing else, nothing more, because my mother tongue doesn't have grammatical noun classes or gender as they call it, so I sometimes mix those up in English too. I've been blind since I was born. I joined the community through nationstates, but I've been a non-active player for a while now, and I hang around in the community, because you're all so lovely people. I love to listen to people and provide positive feedback. I'm a musician and a university student, studying both languages and anthropology. I love cats, but get along with most animals reasonably, even with most people. :D



I'm Whatermelons :D but people also call me Honeydew/Honey/Whater/Melons/Melon/Whaterhoneymelons etc

You may know me from the CalRef discord server, where I talk rather regularly after having lurked for months in the public channel before finally moving a nation in.

I like writing silly little stories and the occasional sloppy WA proposal for this game called 'NationStates' that I play which you may have heard of. I'm also a fan of association football and the popular football management simulation game called Football Manager, which you may have guessed due to my signature. Currently I'm 4 years into taking my sort of hometown team Eastbourne Borough from the 6th tier of English Football to the Premier League title - I'm at the 4th tier atm!

I also listen to a lot of music. Whilst my main genre is post-punk, I listen to music from a wide variety of genres and eras. My favourite band, as you might have guessed, is The Clash, but I also love Joy Division, New Order, Radiohead and The Killers. My favourite album of all-time is London Calling and my favourite song is London Calling :P

Outside of listening to music, playing games or using Discord and Instagram, I don't do much. I watch TV sometimes (I'll let you guess what my favourite TV show is), and occasionally cycle.

And some other stuff about me:

- I'm trans MtF and I use she/her pronouns! I'm also bisexual if you wanted to know

- I'm a born and raised Singaporean, but I'm half English and visit there occasionally

- I'm hoping to become an engineer of some sort when I grow up (because I'm good at science and also I need moolah for girl stuff >:D)

that's the end of my kind of long post so thank you for reading this far! <3
whater melons


Hi Honeydew! Sorry for not getting around to replying before now. I appreciate this introduction!

I didn't know a lot of this stuff. I also love the Killers! What do you think of their newest album? I thought it was great, after not caring for Wonderful, Wonderful.

Becoming an engineer sounds like a great goal! I've noticed we have some engineering people around the server and I think that's great. We especially need more women in STEM fields to start forcing it away from a sort of 'boys club' mentality and force the field to be a bit more inclusive. I highly appreciate that you all are getting into it and being part of that... not vanguard, I guess, since there have always been women in STEM, but part of the force to get that to become better. I believe in you and I'm proud of you for doing that.


Welcome! Let's just get out of the way the question everyone is thinking: where do you stand on post-punk revival groups?


Quote from: Emily on July 29, 2021, 08:46:46 PMI didn't know a lot of this stuff. I also love the Killers! What do you think of their newest album? I thought it was great, after not caring for Wonderful, Wonderful.

It was great, like all of their albums. Not my favourite, but it was good.

I actually really liked Wonderful Wonderful (though if I had to rank the albums I'd put it last).
Quote from: Natalie on July 30, 2021, 12:23:44 AM
Welcome! Let's just get out of the way the question everyone is thinking: where do you stand on post-punk revival groups?

From what I've listened to, I think it's good. Though I don't really listen to it enough to have a really strong opinion about it (except for The Killers), so maybe there's a lot of crap that I haven't heard yet xD
whater melons


hi i am birdplus and i like birds ig idk
call me whatever pronouns u want
i like birds n art and like 30% of music like i like a lot of music from digital metal to like those depressed 24 year old women who sing on acoustic guitar idk what genre that is
i found this idk i dont rlly remember how i found it but this seems cool idk i could enjoy it this seems like a healthy community, and if im coming off as rude or like incosniderate tell me
so yeah thats it hi