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Spam / Re: CTRL+V
Last post by Kal - December 06, 2022, 11:18:55 PM
The Admin Tower / CalRef Development Journal 36
Last post by Luca - December 06, 2022, 08:53:16 PM
Dot 3.7: Backup Plan

Sometimes I wonder when it is that I'm supposed to publish a feature update and not just keep coding, and I think the answer is whenever the code I have is so different from what's on the server that my brain goes AAARHGHAGHG. That's why this update is limited to just increasing the version number and accomplishing nothing else along the way. AAARHGHAGHG!

Oh also, it adds two new commands and improves many others. So, I guess I can spend a quick second talking about that too...

  • Probably the most notable enhancement for this update is the welcome command, where a long-standing feature request has been to add the option to set a role to ping on a new member's arrival. This "welcome squad" function has now been added. Inside the welcome command, there are two new buttons. One will let you set a role to ping, and one will remove it if no longer desired.

    Pressing the ping button will generate a pop-up modal where you can type either the name or the ID of the role you'd like to assign, and if Dot is able to locate that role, it will ping in the welcome message next to the ping of the new member whenever someone new arrives.

  • Next up on the improvements list is the avatar and display commands, which are being "improved" by being removed entirely. It doesn't make sense for me to have multiple commands with vaguely similar functions taking up space in an operator's brain when we could be publishing fewer, higher-quality commands. To that end, the ability to pull your global or server-specific avatar is being added to the info command, as button options.

    Use the info command and if the target member has an avatar, a button to post it as an embedded attachment will be there, operating as the avatar command previously would. If they have a server-specific avatar, a button will be there for that image as well. For operators who will be unaware of this update post, "avatar" and "display" are new aliases of this command.

  • The tart command has also been upgraded. I had thought that publishing Tart.CalRef would cause most people to stop using Dot's command and start using the web site, but this was not the case and tart remains religiously used, still. So, I have taken the time to go through the output and now the improvements that Tart.CalRef made over Dot's command have come home, with better formatting, data handling, and delegate highlighting (when applicable).

  • Within the Refuge discord server, you can now use RRS to cite specific statutes of Refugia's law, if you know them. You can also continue using the command by itself to just get a link to the Revised Statutes when you need them in a flash.

  • Finally, the version command now reports an uptime per cent over the last 30 days, the number of commands used and what the most-used command has been over the same time. Additionally, you can get a history graph of the number of servers Dot is in, and what the total number of members seen are.

Observant operators may note that Dot has crossed the threshold of 75 servers, and Discord has requested me to verify Dot. It is not immediately clear when or if verification will be necessary, as many of Dot's popular functions rely on permissions, such as message content, which Discord has typically been unwilling to grant. Since my concern is that people not have their commands or functionality yoinked out from under them, verification poses more risk than benefits to me at this time. I will let you know if anything changes on that front.

Until then, I am pleased to relay the following new features:

Pack Up Your Things

Something that I tend to neurotically do over the course of [all the time] is to make backups and backups of backups to ensure that we never have a massive wave of data loss where something dies and takes half of our cultural touchstones with it. Graphics on Discord have been concerning me with this for quite a while. It's the same reason that Dot posts target member's avatar as an attachment instead of just a link, it's why info does the same with banners, it's why roster does the same with role icons, and so on.

Although Discord has made it easier to copy a server for backup or re-launch, these "template" settings extend only to channels, roles, and permissions. However, there is no easy way to save your server's graphics, except for emotes, without help. And even emotes are time-consuming to save. So, to make admins' life easier, there's now a command called assets. It provides that help by giving operators with the "Manage Server" permission the ability to download all of their servers' graphical assets into one convenient zip file to dump into a new server, or just to save for future projects.

The time the command takes to complete will be proportional to the volume of content that needs to be saved. The zip file will be posted to the channel you call the command in. If the message that posts is destroyed, there are no additional backups, as archive zip files are not retained on CalRef servers. The command has a one-hour cooldown.

If you have the "Manage Server" or "Administrator", all you need to do is use /assets or I cast assets to activate.

Seize All Delegacies

Fulfilling another long-standing request, the delegates command has been added. This command generates a leaderboard of regions on NationStates, ranked by their delegate's voting power. You can traverse the leaderboard by using the arrow keys under the output. The pages are limited to Discord's 2000 character limit, but that turns out to be about the height of my screen and I presume everyone else's will universally be the same forever.

Still, this does mean that there are 50ish pages of delegates. If you're trying to find where your region stacks up, but think it's somewhere in the middle, then you'll be pleased to know that instead of clicking through 20 pages of buttons, the region command now tells you a what a target region's delegate rank is (if they have one).

Delegates, additionally, has a button to get the entire list of delegates into a single text file, separated by commas, and broken into lines of eight. This is built for manual World Assembly campaigning, which is something that I, myself, have used with the timer command to send out campaign telegrams at max speed. So, I'd definitely recommend that combination if you'd like to get a proposal to quorum but don't want to hand NationStates any money.

The final note that I'll make with this command is that it's highly likely that it will be the last NationStates command that gets added to Dot. The existing eighteen commands will continue to get updates and improvements if there are any that come up or need to be done. However, Refuge staff have found that the site brings us more trouble than its worth now and I, myself, have found it difficult to stay motivated and creative in NationStates' caustic and problematic environment.

I will continue developing Dot for as long as I am able, but the nature of that development from this point forward will be to the benefit of things that are fun and build community activity. Rebuilding functions for Dot's economy, adding games, and other things that inspired me in the beginning will be my focus once again. I am excited to share those updates when they become available.

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

  • Fixed an issue in autopins where an error message would never appear if a channel's pins were full
  • Eyebeast report colours are slightly easier to differentiate
  • Fixed an issue in eyebeast where actors for deleted posts may have been misattributed
  • Fixed a bug in eyebeast where some users would not generate reports
  • Fixed a timezone issue with fortune's resets
  • Fixed a bug in error reports where the console error log was sent to the user's copy instead of their own message
  • Fixed a text issue in hail where admins were implied to be unauthorised to run the command
  • Added recognition for the active developer badge in info
  • Made some improvements to nation to try to deal with error-riddled responses from NationStates' API
  • Fixed recruit still being set to "on" after deactivating when NationStates' API dies
  • New drop down menus for recruiter
  • Fixed truesight not being able to handle dispatches that don't or no longer exist

Report all errors to the local authority.
Spam / Re: Spam Points
Last post by Kal - December 05, 2022, 11:05:02 PM
HumanSanity: 81
Emily: 67
Luca: 57
Argo: 30
Kal: 15
Aav: 14
Wasc: 10
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Ziz: 5
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Spam / Re: A List of Things the Subje...
Last post by Luca - December 04, 2022, 07:10:20 PM
CalRef II: Unsacred Water, Otherwise Known as "Tap"
CalRef II: We he feels his toes in his noes and the no-good priest, oh! How does he do it y'all?
CalRef II: The Harold of Andraste, The Rupert of Jesus, The Andy Sixx of Bethlehem
CalRef II: We've Patched All The Crashes by Invoking a Plain White Shirt in The Error Handler
CalRef II: Call de Stomes 🌪
CalRef II: It's Such a Shame They Called Her Seven of Nine Instead of Two by Four
CalRef II: If I Could Fall Into The Sky, Do You Think The Maker Would Have Products to Buy? - Dwarves
StarCraft II: Southerners, Spider Monkeys, and Italians
CalRef II: Moraine with Flailing Arms at a Car Dealership
Spam / Re: Give yourself a pony name
Last post by Luca - December 04, 2022, 07:04:45 PM
Object Permanence
Spam / Re: Name a type of pancake
Last post by Luca - December 04, 2022, 07:03:56 PM
Spam / Re: Spam Points
Last post by Luca - December 04, 2022, 07:03:40 PM
HumanSanity: 81
Emily: 67
Luca: 57
Argo: 30
Aav: 14
Kal: 14
Wasc: 10
FLP: 7
Ziz: 5
Dyll: 5
Fox: 4
Zuk: 2
Sueloc: 1
Istillian: 1
Catherine: 1
Refugia / Re: Passed RRS Referendums
Last post by Aav - November 28, 2022, 01:59:26 PM
Proscription Drug Coverage

PREAMBLE. No notes.

RRS 16. Acknowledges a state of war between Refugia and's leadership of malefactors, and subsequently prohibits entities whose membership in the former was not gained before membership in the latter from residing, transiting, surveying, arriving, departing, living, or dying within the confines of the Region or its territories.
  • Violators will be subject to dissolution by alkahest at an arbitrary safe distance.

Authored by: Refuge Isle
Seconded by: Sylh Alanor
Roleplay / TTT: Time travel or enTangleme...
Last post by Emily - November 27, 2022, 06:00:55 PM
Along the psychic tethers that connected Lynue to her own brain, she felt a jolt. It was like the world had continued to change and evolve drastically even within the last few moments, the separation of the inhalation and exhalation of a breath. She had a strange dissociative feeling, as if she had shifted sideways between a reality where she knew the rules and into another reality visually similar but mechanically very different from the one in which she had existed only moments before. The text on the book in front of her wasn't even making sense anymore.

Wait, hold on just one second, she asked herself. Why would the text not make sense anymore, that was ridiculous. She took a second look at the page, and realised it hadn't been that the text was in some alien script unknown and unknowable to her mortal understanding, but instead the bo0k was just upside down. She righted the book and all felt right with the world once more. That was odd as well, had she just imagined packing it up and setting out across the town? That seemed correct, but also she usually had trouble remembering breakfast that morning, let alone actions she may or may not have taken over the past 45 seconds.

She reached up and scratched where her horns met her head. An odd morning, this was. An odd morning indeed. Perhaps it had been the book. She looked at the book in her hand again: still just as enigmatic and unyielding as it had been all along. "Are you the one what had made my brain run all round to confusion?" she asked the book. The book, surprisingly, did not respond in any way. "Of course," she continued, narrowing her eyes. "That's exactly what a book what pretending to be all inanimate like would say. I don't trust you one lick, thing. Not a wit."

She stood up with the book and made to leave her office, only to open the door in tandem with someone opening it from the other side. Ah yes, her assistant Constable Constabulary. Strange family to give such a strange name to such a strange boy. Downright odd, some might call it. Not Lynue, of course. But surely some. "Lynue, Councilor Alanganin here to speak with you."

"Right, brilliant." she replied, stepping back slightly and doing the quick rundown any dishevelled person does before meeting with an official. Under her breath, she said "Awful unfortunate timing for someone not making an appointment, but" and then continuing in her normal voice, "Please, see him in. See if he needs anything."

She attempted to get books off of the chairs near her desk and back into the box, and to straighten the items on the desk, before he was shown in.
Spam / Re: Name a type of pancake
Last post by Kal - November 26, 2022, 03:09:17 PM