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Started by Luca, August 21, 2021, 11:20:05 AM

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This is a limited time event. While it is too late to lodge an application in the character battle now, you can still vote in its polls and contribute to the battle lore.


Have you ever wondered why we greet people as The Largest Warhammer 40k Discussion Forum on the Internet, yet were not in fact the largest Warhammer 40k Discussion Forum on the Internet??? Well now we have decided to become exactly that.

The madness has arrived! All of the banishment spells that have been cast in Dot's sus game have ripped open a portal in space-time and teleported us to the far future where there is only war. Joining us on the stage of history is a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold. As the cry rings out for champions in these dark hours, we are joined by those brave enough to have answered the call.




The City of Denver

The Local Library

A Block of Wood


Jeb Bush

Agent 47


Dot's Variables

Ecclesia Catholica

Bob from Accounting

Orkz Orkz Orkz Orkz

Film Noir

Cristiano Ronaldo



Grit Whetstone

Male Pattern Baldness


Keanu Reeves

Generic Furry Avatar

Something, Etc.


The Pyramids

Mike Ehrmantraut


Winston Churchill

Raziel Luis

Hunter Leptk

Ibuki Mioda

Margaret Thatcher


     The Battle of All Things

Join me in the newly-minted Warzone board, where a truly objective determination will be made about our champions. Except the objective is destruction.

In the Warzone board, you will be able to observe the bracket of matches we will be working through over the course of the next three weeks. The bracket is gloriously located at the top of the board and provides up-to-date information on characters' current standing. If you believe the bracket is out of date, give the page a refresh in case it is a caching issue. The bracket features the approximate match dates by section, but specific match dates are in the calendar below.

For each match, there will be a thread posted in the Warzone board. In each thread, you can write up an example of a battle in any form you choose. Be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. Be analytical and methodical or fanciful and storylike. Whichever you like best. Then vote in the poll to reflect how your match has turned out.

The results of the poll will determine the outcome and a canonical shitpost will be developed which expresses that result. You are not required to write a battle post to vote, although it is recommended. Votes will only be displayed after the poll closes.


As of this moment, every player who turned in applications to the character battle will receive :planet: 5,000 for each application submitted. However, now the goal is to get your character to survive these pseudo RP popularity contests. Prizes for longevity will be distributed according to these divine revelations:

  • Surviving the Round of 16           :planet: 25,000
  • Surviving the Quarter-Finals        :planet: 50,000
  • Surviving the Semi-Finals            :planet: 100,000
  • Winning the Battle of All Things   :planet: 250,000
Prizes stack and are awarded for each character's progression :heppy:

Any player whose character survives to the Semi-Finals, will receive a forum badge for their championship in the Warzone event: [img2]https://calref.cc/boardbanners/warzone.png[/img2]

Disclaimer: We are not the largest Warhammer 40k discussion forum on the internet.