Writing Prompt 1: Magical Ideas

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« on: April 07, 2021, 05:51:52 pm »
Heya friends,

Surprise! There has been some renewed interest in writing prompts expressed in the server, and I thought it might be nice to follow up on that. For those of you who might not be aware, on the old version of the Calamity Refuge forums, we thought that writing prompts might be an interesting way of exercising our creativity and getting nice things out there. The first one didn't really take off, and there were some bumpy roads soon afterward, so the idea didn't progress beyond that.

I thought it'd be nice to bring back this old idea and see how people respond now. The RP is doing pretty reasonably well, and I want to do more writing anyway, so I think it could be a really cool activity for us all to do them together. There are no limits on this, no character minimums or maximums, and no real deadlines. I think we can put a two-week submission goal in, but if someone has an idea for this that they want to share a year from now, go for it! Hopefully we have a lot more prompts available by that time as well. To encourage participation, anyone who submits an entry for one or more of the following prompts within the next two weeks (ending April 21st) will receive a forum badge highlighting their participation!

Your protagonist lives in a world where you can buy and sell bottled emotions. It is a government regulated industry, but illegal dealers and black markets run rampant. Some emotions are worth more than others.

A new shop opens that allows humans to rent mystical and magical things: superpowers, magical abilities/items, etc. Monetary payment is not accepted. You must pay much more abstract prices.

Each year, all the wizards, sorcerers, and other magical beings come together for a tournament. They gamble their powers and magical tools.
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