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Spam / Top Thatcher Quotes
« on: February 03, 2021, 12:21:24 pm »
Post your favourite quotes from Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher.

Quotes cannot be legitimate. They also cannot be morbid.

I'll start.
We cannot be stopped - we are already mechanical.

Spam / Rename Everything
« on: January 17, 2021, 05:48:51 pm »

I propose that we rename all objects and concepts to more appropriate names.

In this thread I shall declare that nunneries should be called nobodies.

Spam / The Quote Collection Game
« on: January 13, 2021, 06:59:47 pm »

It has been seven years since the last time I started this topic, but since we're still figuring out what kinds of things to stuff in the Spam Board, in some ways it's really odd that it's taken me this long to remember. If you've grown up on Discord, I think some people refer to this as a Star Board? Last time we never got around to doing gems, but maybe this time we will but if not, that's fine too. If gems ever do exist, they'll be awarded based off of 1) who got quoted the most and 2) who did the most calls.

This is the call thread.

You may claim a quote from any Refugi that you find to be particularly amusing, embarrassing, or provocative. These claims have six arbitrary rules.

  • You must have a link to the post OR a timestamp OR post ID, OR a screenshot of the event to prove it happened.
    (screenshots can be uploaded as attachment to forum posts)
  • You cannot call anything someone else claimed first.
  • You can't call something from an in-person meeting, that's hearsay.
  • If you remember something that happened last year on Such-and-such, look it up, you can post it if it has a timestamp. If it happened in a minecraft server or in a Uno chat, you can use that too.
  • You cannot impersonate members.
  • Drama-causing, bad-faith, or defamatory posts will be invalidated and dropkicked into the sun.

I will get the ball rolling by claiming quotes in different manners I can think to do so:

Maddie: More 👏 diverse 👏 war 👏 criminals

[769015779323805706] Alexis: Biden: "I'll drink fracking juice right now"

Announcements / The 2020 Refuge Census
« on: January 12, 2021, 02:33:55 pm »

As with last time, I have forgotten to post this here by a factor of months. So, for the permanent record for me to consult more accessibly later on, allow me to post the results of this last year's Refuge Census:

Thanks for everyone who filled out The 2020 Refuge Census. There were way freaking more responses to this that I've ever had before, by far. As a result of that, a lot of services that maybe weren't all that promoted, were entirely unknown to a lot of people. So. that paints a good map of what kind of work I need to do in admin now to get those more visible and accessible.

Since I've been doing this for a while now, I've also had enough information to look back over several years and see how things have changed over time. Those have been added to the bottom of the post.

Some other misc conclusions:
• Most people are new
• Most people plan on sticking around as far as they know
• The first person since 2014 said they have kids
• There's a lot more guys than you'd think. Or at least a lot more guys than I'd think.
• We are very very slightly less gay than last time - but still incredibly gay.

And, kind of heart-warmingly, more people self-identified as a Refugi that at any point since I started asking the question (In 2013?)

Announcements / Emily is Now an Admin
« on: January 10, 2020, 02:49:08 pm »
Emily had the misfortune to arrive on this site in a time of a lot of uncomfortable conflict and community uncertainty. She registered just in time to get hit with a sack of bricks in terms of responsibilities and cultural obligations she knew nothing about. Similarly, CalRef wasn't much more ready to receive a new person in times of crisis than she was to be in one.

During the turbulent period of 2017, a lot of people shifted positions and took on roles that they weren't ready for because the times demanded it. That includes myself. There is nothing that we can do about anything that's already happened, having done the best we could, and it makes no sense to hold onto insecurities of the past when you could move forward instead.

Emily has been through a nauseating amount of old messages, RP posts and chat logs. She's listened to me recount CalRef history in far more excruciating detail than should be remembered, and grown substantially in character over the last few years. It's my opinion that she's become an embodiment of the site and of the community, with care and interest to carry it on for the years to come.

Emily is now an administrator.

NationStates / [Draft] A Clarification of Duties
« on: December 26, 2019, 04:11:05 pm »

Whereas the Refugia Revised Statutes should present a clear set of expectations for Regional Councillors in order to carry out administrative duties of the region without overburdening them and,

Whereas such duties as carried out already by Regional Councillors should be reconciled with the legal text of this document,

The Refugia Revised Statutes shall be amended so as to create:

- A Clarification of Duties -

1. The current contents of RRS 6. shall be replaced with the following:

6. The Regional Council is defined to comprise of the following members:

  • The Arch-Administrator, defined as Refuge Isle, which acts as the head of state for the region. The Arch-Administrator's responsibilities are defined as the appointment and dismissal of all positions that are fairly elected into office and maintaining records of significance. Where the Arch-Administrator is the World Assembly Delegate to the region, it shall cast votes corresponding to the will of the Region's voting Member States.
  • The Councillor of Foreign Affairs, whose responsibilities are defined as management and maintenance of the travel portals within the Region. The Councillor of Foreign Affairs must maintain and develop international relationships between the Region and foreign powers as well as process any official correspondence as necessary in this field. The councillor may determine the diplomatic direction of the Region.
  • The Councillor of Culture, whose responsibilities are defined as orchestrating cultural events, inspiring activity, and developing the identity of the Regional culture. The Councillor of Culture must develop a Regional Eco Report in order to support RRS 10. a) and b) which identifies ways in which Member States of the Region may contribute towards the environmental targets established herein. Further, the Councillor of Culture must publish regular updates to the report in order to maintain its relevance and timely advice.
  • The Operations Councillor, whose responsibilities are defined as identifying internal and external threats to the region, as well as verifying voter integrity by maintaining a roster of valid member states. The Operations Councillor may carry out operations to best use and expand the region's influence.

2. RRS 11. shall be struck from the record.

Spam / Pen Nib
« on: December 19, 2019, 10:14:02 am »
Come up with a random fact and post it in this thread. It doesn't necessarily need to be cited, but you should probably at least believe that it's accurate.

A whale song can travel up to 3,000km

This bag of chips in front of me has 0.8 grams of fat per chip

You can pour spoiled milk on a rock to attract moss to grow there.

General Discussion / [Oxygen] SKYRAIL Rapid Transit
« on: December 03, 2019, 12:08:15 pm »

The SKYRAIL Rapid Transit System™ Is another convenient service brought to you by the Stamp Society. We exist in a perpetual state and employ only the best contractors in the business of construction and rail. With our hyper-professional model of corporate synergy, we are able to quickly and safely transport citizens on small gunpowder- fuelled steel prisons to new adventures when they need to get there fast.

The logistics of the Rapid Transit System™ are powered by magic. And the stone rail and support beam construction is brought to you by South American stone and iron mines, managed with rugged Stamp Society imperialism. Consider making a donation by contacting a sales representative today.

Admission is free! You pay with the curses.


I would like to start building a map of the Skyrail network as it gets more advanced and goes to more places. There is currently a functional line going between the Stamp Society and Rea's temple. I am not aware if this temple has a more precise name than "Rea's Temple," so if there is, please tell me :sweatsmile: At the moment, I'm working on a Skyrail line going from the Stamp to Emily's old base, which we are apparently calling Mount Abandon.

If you would like to see a station come to any new place to make traveling easier, please tell me by posting in this thread with the name of the place and its approximate X, Z coordinates.

If you notice anything broken, missing, out of place, or think that something should be changed, also let me know in this thread. Eventually, when there are enough stations, I'll make a map and place it at the top of this post!

“It's a miracle you're still alive!”

NationStates / Passed RRS Referendums
« on: November 26, 2019, 10:08:11 am »
I think that having a timely and organised archive of resolutions that have adjusted the RRS should be maintained in this board to help people find the record of them and base base drafts on in the future. Provided, there are five hundred of them at some point, you should be able to locate them through this abundantly populated table of contents and archival posts below.

Announcements / The 2019 Refuge Census
« on: November 17, 2019, 05:57:05 pm »
Hello! I have just realised that information about the 2019 Refuge Census was never published to the chat this year, and by gosh we need to fix that so that when I look for this information in 250 years, it will all be right here in Announcements.

The Refuge Census is an annual feedback project first created in 2009. We study the overall environment at CalRef, as well as changes in demographics as new members register and existing members age. For the 2019 census, we omitted questions related to the site's services and their implementation, as not enough services were available at the time of the survey. These questions are scheduled to return as normal next year.

This census ran from the 26th of June to the 3rd of July, 2019.

When the survey concluded, this was the statement that was released:
Quote from: Wisdom
The Census is concluded.

Thank you to everyone who completed one, enjoy a big mental hug from me. The most notable observation is that we're gayer than we've ever been with only 37% of responses selecting that they were straight. We're also, on average, younger than any other time since I've been keeping track of these averages, for the last six years the average has been above 23, occasionally 25. This year, the average member is 20 years old. Men also outweigh everyone else less than ever before, whereas up to 2015, they made up some 75-80%, this year they account for 56%.

Most importantly, ten people self-identified as Refugi, the same number as was recorded in 2016. This is particularly great because of all the people who have left, just as many have come in and CalRef home, and I'm so happy about that.

Let's keep building this thing and going strong.

Spam / Name Five
« on: November 13, 2019, 09:55:10 am »
Name five things of any variety of things that can five be named to thing five do such thing name.

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Quote from: Opening Prompt
Name five things you can see outside your window.

Another apartment
A small mail hut
Cat pee bushes
A fire hydrant in the middle of a yard

Name your five favourite books

NationStates / [Obsolete] NationStates: How Does?
« on: November 11, 2019, 03:58:37 pm »
    Question: Hello, what is this board!?
    Answer: It's a board about NationStates

    Question: What is a NationStates:
    Answer: ShowHide
    NationStates is a browser based political simulator, based on a core concept of creating an online representation of your favourite real or fantasy nation, or even abstract concepts like being an actual hurricane. There's a range of flexibility around implementing what you want to create and how you want to create it.

    Like the classic hook of Minecraft, all the objectives are open-ended. The government type, national policies, and census characteristics you set are handled by answering a series of 1,300 moderately problematic issues and filling in custom fields once they become available. Outside of answering issues, the aim of NationStates is for people to worldbuild not only their own country, by coming up with their own Wikipedia-like information sheets and current event postings, but also contribute to building the world at large.

    Your nation is always inside a region. Residency in the region of your choosing reflects as much on you as it endorses where you are. The other players in your region are usually your primary social group. The interactions that take place there form the metagame of NationStates, which can include developing your own regional legislatures and government styles, or roleplaying your nation's current events and international relations, calculating wars across maps of your own making.  Regions can appoint or elect officers with assignments and permissions to carry out various functions in the game, including conducting polls and establishing regional embassies.

    On the global scale, the World Assembly exists as an international organisation in NationStates made up of other players who draft, propose, and vote on any proposal that they can think of. The resolutions passed in the General Assembly reflect how the world feels about a certain topic and what they want to do about it. Those decisions can affect the census stats of your nation. Meanwhile, resolutions passed by the Security Council can commend or condemn nations and regions, or even break down password-protected entry with liberations. Endorsing the World Assembly delegate in your region directly increases your region's power on an international level, as well as protecting your region from raiders.

    A region can be raided by a group of World Assembly Nation suddenly storming in and endorsing one of their own to gain executive power immediately. This can occur if there is no founder in a region, or the region's founder has given executive power to the World Assembly delegate, so that they may be elected with no oversight besides the voters. When a raider gains the status of delegate from the support of their raid group, their residency plus every endorsement they hold generates influence in that region. The raider can spend that influence to close the regional borders, and eject nations from the region to secure their control in the long run.

    While the raider's influence is building, the native leadership officers can spend their own influence to eject and ban the raiders. In cases where the target region is small and weak, or using certain tactics the raid may start and end within a single hour. If the raiders successfully take over a region and the natives lack the power to stop it, they may need to solicit the aid of larger group which is sympathetic to their cause and use the same raiding techniques to get control back. This process is known as defending. If the raid has closed off the region's borders with a password, the natives can still fight for their region by drafting a World Assembly Security Council resolution to liberate it.

    Question: What can I do here?
    Answer: You can build this region into your dreams.

    In Refugia, we more or less set all the rules. Not just CalRef mods and admins, but actual players. The rules that govern this region are called the Refugia Revised Statutes, and we are one of the few regions that have a direct democracy, meaning anyone who is a member state of the region can submit a proposal to revise, add onto or dismantle the law of the land or run for a council seat.

    Question: How would I make such a proposal?
    Answer: To draft a proposal, telegram it to me and have your Second verify that they support it, and it will go up for vote.
    Example: ShowHide
    As an example: on Sept 28, 2019, Áthidill submitted a proposal called Guidelines for Environmental Participation and Implication and it looked like this:


    PREAMBLE. This document presents guidelines and goals which are to be sought out by Refugia and its members. To establish, in direct continuity with Refugia’s ambition of establishing environmentalism as one of its core values, the Refugia Revised Statutes shall be amended such:
    - Guidelines for Environmental Participation and Implication -

    1. RRS 9. The Region defines the goals and expectations in it Members' conduct and operations in the following ways
    • Reach an average environmental beauty score of 1,500 by the end of 2019, and maintained thereafter.
    • Reach an average eco-friendliness score of 5,000, by the end of 2019, and maintained thereafter.

    2.RRS 10. Mandates that the Councillor of Culture develop a Regional Eco Report in order to support 9. a) and b) and identify ways in which Member States of the Region may contribute towards the environmental targets established herein. Further, mandates that the Councillor of Culture publish regular updates to the report in order to maintain its relevance and timely advice.

    Authored by Athidill
    Sponsored by Refuge Isle

    If you want to collect people's ideas and plan out what you're going to submit, place a thread here with the [Draft] tag and collect feedback from people in the region.

    Question: How do I run for a Councillor?
    Answer: By sending a message on the RMB (the message spot at the bottom of the region page) preferably with a short message about why you should be elected. You may also post in this NationStates board to do the same thing. Make campaign posters if you want.

    The election schedule is here:
    Foreign Affairs         Jan 1 - 7         May 1 - 7         Sept 1 - 7
    Culture            Jan 7 - 14         May 7 - 14         Sept 7 - 14
    Operations         Jan 14 - 21         May 7 - 14      Sept 14 - 21

    The first and second days are the candidacy period. You must announce your candidacy then or you will not appear in the poll. Look for an announcement from me when a candidacy period begins.

    Question: Can I just submit a proposal to make a new Councillor position to run for?
    Answer: Of course.

    Question: How do I join the World Assembly?
    Answer: Look at the World Assembly Page and apply to become a member. You must have a valid email address to confirm you are a real human and you may only have on World Assembly account at a time. Creating multiple accounts to influence WA votes or delegacies will get you MEGA BANNED. Endorse Refuge Isle to give a +1 to the regional vote.

    This topic remains open for any questions you have which aren't in the above How Does.[/list]

    Spam / Corruption Game
    « on: November 11, 2019, 02:47:29 pm »
    This board has been up for a few days without any ideas on what to post, so it must be time for a new megathread in this officially sanctioned board to post nonsense.

    This is the corruption game. The point is to grant the wish of the previous poster in the most useless or unsatisfying way. Then, make a new wish for the next poster.

    Quote from: Opening Prompt
    I wish I owned a sports car.

    Granted, but it is in space.

    I wish I had a lamp for this room.

    NationStates / The Refugia Revised Statutes
    « on: November 09, 2019, 03:30:58 pm »

    This document establishes this association of nations and their shared beliefs and values. We define these values as refuge and shelter to all who have need of it, environmental stewardship of our nations while working to improve global atmospheric carbon levels, as well as the fair treatment and political inclusion of all peoples. We resolve ourselves to form governments with transparency and integrity in leadership and work to leave things as better than we found them.

    The nations here will compose a region to be known as Refugia.

    - The Refugia Revised Statutes -

    1. Acceptance to the Region is a right afforded to any nation willing to uphold the values named herein. Nations that oppose, disregard, or obstruct these values may be subject to ejection and transportation via variation magic to The Rejected Realms.

    2. Member States are defined as World Assembly nations that have resided within the Region for a period not less than seven days.
    • a. A Nation will lose its status as a Member State if it elects to depart the Region, its status is self-requested to be revoked, or the nation is ejected.
    • b. Nations that lose their status may apply to obtain it through the same process again unless they are barred from the Region.

    3. Nations may apply for Member State status in conditions where admission to the World Assembly is declined, rejected, or impossible.
    • Exemption nations must still have resided within the Region for a period of time not less than fourteen days and have received the unanimous approval from the Regional Council to provide the exemption.

    4. Member States are entitled to submit any proposal, amendment, repeal, or revision to any revised statute, including this document in its entirety. Votes must be easily accessible and include the option to abstain. Only one vote is allotted to each Member State per referendum.
    • Proposals must be supported by at least one other Member State, which may be referred to as a "second."
    • Votes will last a period of seven days from the time of announcement and will be enacted or discarded upon conclusion.
    • Proposals which have been defeated will trigger a cooldown period on the sponsor nation from submitting a new proposal for seven days after the end of the poll defeat.

    5. All nations within the Region have the right to solicit a ruling or official Regional position on:
    • Opinions regarding the legality of a proposal
    • Opinions regarding World Assembly affairs
    • Opinions regarding foreign regional actions
    • Opinions regarding the status of Member States
    • Suits regarding ejection or barring of Regional nations
    The results of rulings solicited by member states will be formed by the Regional Council and delivered by a representative of the Government.

    6. The Regional Council is defined to comprise of the following members:
    • The Arch-Administrator, defined as Refuge Isle, which acts as the head of state for the region. The Arch-Administrators responsibilities are defined as the appointment and dismissal of all positions that are fairly elected into office and maintaining records of significance.
    • The Councillor of Foreign Affairs, whose responsibilities are defined as management and maintenance of the travel portals within the region, foreign affairs and authority over embassies established to outside regions, diplomatic negotiations and foreign correspondence.
    • The Councillor of Culture, whose responsibilities are defined as orchestrating cultural events, inspiring activity, and developing the identity of the Regional culture.
    • The Operations Councillor, whose responsibilities are defined as developing and executing strategic operations to use and expand the Region’s influence, internal and external threat assessment, and maintaining the registry of Member States.
    The members of the Regional Council may conduct business in the name of the Region with the titles that reflect their status and authority.

    7. The succession of the Arch-Administrator is subject to the succession laws of Refuge Isle, and verified by the presence of an anchor stone and Administration Tower. The Arch-Administrator will call elections for the three democratic Council seats according to the following convention:

    Foreign Affairs         Jan 1 - 7         May 1 - 7         Sept 1 - 7
    Culture            Jan 7 - 14         May 7 - 14         Sept 7 - 14
    Operations         Jan 14 - 21         May 7 - 14      Sept 14 - 21

    8. Elections will consist of a two day candidacy period, followed by a five day voting period. On the eighth day, the results of the elections will be announced and, if applicable, the next ones will begin.
    • Member States are prohibited from occupying the same Council seat more than two times consecutively, and more than four times in total.
    • In the event of unexpected absences or positions that cannot be filled, the Arch-Administrator may appoint an individual who may serve in that capacity until such time as the following election produces a regular appointment.

    9. At any time, a Member State can charge a Regional Councillor of neglect in their duties or mismanagement of their position. Their charge will be submitted in writing to the Arch-Administrator only after a second member state has seconded the motion. This charge must contain:
    • A list of grievances against the accused.
    • Argument as to why these grievances should result in the removal of the accused prior to the next election.
    If all requirements laid out in RRS 4(c), 9, 9(a), and 9(b) are met, the Arch-Administrator will call for a vote of “No Confidence” among the member states. If this vote passes by a simple majority, a new election will be called for that Council seat within the following five days. The previous seat holder can run again granted they qualify under circumstances detailed in RRS 8a.

    10. The Region defines the goals and expectations in it Members' conduct and operations in the following ways:
    • Reach an average environmental beauty score of 1,500 by the end of 2019, and maintained thereafter.
    • Reach an average eco-friendliness score of 5,000, by the end of 2019, and maintained thereafter.

    11. The Councillor of Culture must develop a Regional Eco Report in order to support 10. a) and b) which identifies ways in which Member States of the Region may contribute towards the environmental targets established herein. Further, the Councillor of Culture must publish regular updates to the report in order to maintain its relevance and timely advice.

    General Discussion / [Oxygen] The Refugia Minecraft Server
    « on: November 07, 2019, 03:36:24 pm »
    Hello! This didn't have a topic yet, so here's another thread for your Minecraft needs.

    As of September 13th, 2019 there's a CalRef Minecraft server again!

    This server runs our custom modpack called Refugia and in this three thousand word essay, I will explain how. Step one, download the technic launcher, which solves everyone's problems forever. You can get it here. When you launch Technic, type "Refugia" into the search bar and click install. If you get an error message that talks about incompatibility issues, make sure you're on the latest version of the modpack

    Because Technic's a bitch.

    When you launch game, click multiplayer and type into the address bar.

    Let me know if you have any trouble getting this working. If there are any updates to the server or the modpack, I'll let you know in this thread. Also, you can talk about the server here (obvs). I will eventually be building a photo album of all of the places that we have been to and made in this server. So if you want those pictures to be included, post them in this thread. You can attach up to five images to the attachment function of the forum, or just link them here from somewhere else.

    Roleplay / OoC: A Voice from the Storm
    « on: November 06, 2019, 02:08:18 pm »
    This is the OoC thread for the A Voice from the Storm RP. The purpose of an OoC thread is to let you talk about the RP outside of the actual RP thread so that things don't get too muddled. If you want to make a post, but aren't sure what direction it should take, talking about things beforehand here might ease your mind a bit or let you get used to what's going on before jumping in.

    You can also post any reactions you have to the recent posts in the RP here, including confusion, apocrypha, etc. Best practices for writing for other people's characters is to check with them first to make sure their characters would actually say the things you're writing before you speak on their behalf.

    Have fun and make stuff up!

    General Discussion / Default Theme Poll
    « on: November 05, 2019, 08:05:05 am »
    There are currently three themes available for the forums. They are all at some level of moderately developed for use, specifically, here and have the work of at least a year of contributions. All three of these are sponsored and maintained officially, but some are more good-er than others. So what should be set as the official look and layout of CalRef, including to guests who find us randomly from internet darkspace? Vote now!

    To preview and use each of these themes, click the Profile button at the top of the screen.

    Under the Modify Profile tab, click Look and Layout. The top option lets you change your theme.

    This poll runs for seven days.

    General Discussion / [Suggestions and Bugs Thread]
    « on: November 03, 2019, 09:59:23 pm »
    If we're going to be working in the forum more, I'm aware that there are some places where we're lacking and some areas that are broken but I haven't noticed or I have and I've forgotten about. Post here the things that you want to see some work on, or if you have ideas on how I can improve the functionality of the forum. New boards, utilities, tie-ins, etc.

    It doesn't mean I'll be able to do anything ever suggested, but who knows~

    Additionally, if you notice items features or images that are broken, post them here.

    Updates to this message have since been moved to the CalRef Development Journal.

    Announcements / Post Ranks
    « on: March 05, 2019, 02:36:58 pm »
    Hey friendos

    This is a pin that just mentions the ranks for the forum in a place where everyone can see them. These ranks effect the title under your name, how many blue squares you have, and literally nothing else. The post rank requirements are intentionally easy to get at first, however, when someone reaches the top of a rank, I'll add another one for them to try to get.

    Have a blast!

    Script Caster25
    Rune Carver50
    Zyqxuwy Sage                    100
    Local Emperor150
    Forest Sprite250

    Roleplay / The Wiki Discussion Thread
    « on: February 25, 2019, 03:32:19 pm »
    If you request a new wiki account and I don't see it, send a message here or message me directly.

    Welcome to the Wiki Discussion thread, the officially sanctioned omni topic and verbal dumping grounds for all of your MediaWiki conversational inclinations.

    Q: What is the Refuge Wiki?
    A: It's Wikipedia, but for stuff you make up in RPs.

    Q: Why do we have it?
    A: Because wikis are a fantastic way to organise information about topics you already like thinking and talking about without the bizarre anarchy of Google Docs.

    Q: What goes here?
    A: Basically whatever you want.
    Wikis are a tool to put things together in one place. If you're doing an RP and it has some hundred thousand words and you need some obscure reference you made a fifth of the way it, it's so much easier to look at your character's wiki page than dig through your notes or read fifteen posts looking for it. You can build you character pages just like a Wikipedia biography with fancy templates and features. Include information that's difficult or awkward to work into your posts, and work on building your gameworld with other players.

    Members need an account to make and edit articles, verified by the admin tower, so that brigands and wild animals don't blast us into the stratosphere with vandalism.

    View the getting started link on the main page to view tutorial pages written by MediaWiki on how to use their software. View demo and tutorial pages written by me to learn how to use our templates.

    Use this topic for any passing questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, complaints, bug reports, ideas, and flights of fancy you may have that pertain to this service. We can train you to be an expert in this thingymabobbber and effortlessly exceed my abilities overnight.

    The link to this wiki is here! And it's also a child board of the Roleplay Board, so you can find it at the top of the page if you're inside the RP board index.

    General Discussion / On NationStates
    « on: February 22, 2019, 03:31:16 pm »
    Do we need mooore NS?

    I'm semi-considering the possibility of making the NationStates region a slightly more established thing with more organisation, beauracracy, voting for WA issues, small scale recruitment for CalRef, and maybe draft an issue or GA resolution to make some kind of impact.

    Is there any interest in doing this / is this a good idea or nah?

    Announcements / The Code of Conduct
    « on: December 22, 2018, 04:22:23 pm »

    Calamity Refuge is an online community island in the ocean of the internet. It is a home and refuge to people who need it and a place to create and share things with your friends. This Code of Conduct (CoC) is the set of rules and guidelines for how we want to be. This document extends to all areas that the CalRef Network (the Network) administrates.

    Mod Advice:

    • We are an open positive space for everyone who needs it, but we can't abide discrimination or intolerance, so please be respectful.
    • Everyone should be sure of who they're talking to, so members are limited to one account per person. Please don't impersonate other members.
    • Please don't post any weird links to shady internet things or invites to other servers. These can come off as an endorsement and we might not be up for it.
    • Don't post porn, gore, or any other kind of material that might be overly jarring for our brains. We know where to find it if we want it.
    • Use your best judgement and be nice little friendos. Don't be spammy and report any harassment to the local authority.
    • Ask for help if you need it.


    The CalRef Network is owned by the Arch-Administrator. This is currently Luca McGrath, who is responsible for all blame.

    Administrators will provide structure and direction for the network. Moderators will enforce the CoC, ensure the well-treatment of all members, and do things that are of help.

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    A warning is required to kick/ban you and should be clearly visible and obvious when it occurs.

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    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send a private message through the forums. We love PMs, please send us PMs so we are not depressed. If you do not wish to send a message through the forum, send us an email. All administrators have an email of [their name]

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    General Discussion / Timelines of Games
    « on: December 20, 2018, 09:18:20 pm »
    I have a question for you and I need time to work it out, myself, so I thought I'd make a topic for it. If you were to make a timeline of games, not necessarily the most popular game by year, but the games that most defined you and your gaming life in those years, what would they be?

    Mine is like... I'm not sure but it probably starts with:
    1997 - Freddi Fish Maze Madness
    1998 - Frogger (PC adventure game)
    1999 - Centipede (PC Adventure Game)
    2000 - Bubble Bobble (NES)
    etc. I'll have to think about the rest of my list.

    Announcements / CalRef Development Journal
    « on: December 14, 2018, 03:13:42 pm »
    A thread on this subject is probably overdue by now, but it only just occurred to me that I could write a post on where things are and where I hope they go, at least from my perspective. Part of that delay is just putting my nose to the grindstone and doing my best to remake the infrastructure that we can use to make a community. Part of it is me being sick recently. Mostly it's just my habit to live inside my own head. I forget that I can talk to people, I forget that I can ask for help, and I forget to remind people that I'm here and I care a lot. And I do.

    I hope that this iteration of CalRef can be a replacement for all of the communities that have come and gone before it and, more importantly, be an alternative to what still remains. I didn't want to be an administrator, and I never really did. But I know that I can and I know that the internet is in a dark place right now. It needs something stable and dependable that you can hold onto. It needs a community that cares about people because they deserve to be cared about. So it's something that I want to do because it's something that I need, too.

    I'm not a queen and members are not subjects to pass on praise to me. Respond to any topic you want, including this one, with whatever ideas or criticism you have, even if you think I won't like it. I want as many people to be a part of making and growing this place as possible. If you think we need to add something or something's not working, I'm not very bright but I'll do my best to make or fix it. Right now, there's not much here. Anything that remains of what was a much bigger internet island is washed away, and it's going to take some time to rebuild. But the good news is that we can start fresh, from the beginning, and you can watch and be a part of where things go. We've got the time.

    So, I think right now, something I need to work on is how it looks and feels to be here. This theme is mostly fine, but it doesn't feel "us" enough. I'd like something that's a dark theme that's easy on the eyes, but still has some upbeat optimistic feel to it and retains some kind of "this is the refuge" vibe. Which sounds kinda difficult, but I think I can work at it. I have a jobs list that I carry on my phone so I can write things down as I think of them and then do them as I figure out how. Example: one of the things on here is an email server portal. That ranks pretty low on the list because I'm not sure how immediately useful that would be over the default, and also it would take a moderate amount of monumental work to put it into practice, so that'll have to wait.

    Ranking a little above that, though, is board banners. There are going to be new boards that we haven't had before, and also, you know, the boards we have with the same names are kinda different from how things were forever ago, so maybe I need to freshen those up, too. I might be able to get them to switch out with light and dark themes with some smf functions, but I'm not sure yet. Right now, I'm kinda thinking that the writing board can have some sort of a hand-written theme to it, something written on old parchment with old ink. Announcements, I thought would be pretty neat if I could make something that looked like it was chiselled into a rock and has some kind of paintball splatter to it so it's not as grey. I don't remember why paint splats, but it still seems like a fun idea. I don't really have ideas on the rest, but it's going to take me a little while to get re-acquainted with After Effects and someone will probably have an idea for them by the time I need it.

    I'll post another rambling when I have different things to ramble about. Until then, if anyone sees any bugs or things that don't look like they've been set up right, send me a message or send Valkyrie a message, or send Natalie a message. We're all getting familiar with things, so if something comes up, we'll figure it out together.  :heart:

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