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[Gallium] The 2021 Minecraft Server God Bless

Started by Luca, April 07, 2021, 06:09:52 PM

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Hello and holy hell, it's been a year and a half since the last Minecraft Server.

Today, we have a new one. It's call Gallium and it runs 1.16.5 which is approximately the latest version that I am aware is available.

At the time of this writing, the server runs the following mods:

  • Biomes O'Plenty
  • Chisels and Bits
  • Just Enough Items
  • Dawsons Gravestone
  • Fairylights
  • Pam's harvestcraft crops
  • Pam's harvestcraft food core
  • Pam's harvestcraft trees
  • Serene Seasons
  • Straw Golem
    Pam's harvestcraft food extended is currently tabled, as something was breaking with this mod and not all of them appear to be on the same version. So we'll check back later.

    This modpack is presently available on Technic, and you can download Technic here. When you launch Technic, type "Refugia 3" into the search bar and click install. If you get an error message that talks about incompatibility issues, make sure you're on the latest version of the modpack.

    You can adjust the volume of RAM this hellish device is consuming by selecting the cog in the upper right and selecting an option that's higher than whatever it comes with. This Modpack runs best on 64 bit Java. If your device is consumed by baelfire, consider downloading that version upon its next reincarnation.

    After you launch minecraft you may direct your vision to the multiplayer button and add a server with a name of your chose. Please direct that server address to and press save. Please report all errors to the local authority.

    If you have a device that runs on magic and find yourself thinking "Heavens to Betsy, I wonder if there could be more RAM to be consumed." Fear not – there can! You can view the world through the lens that's showcased in this screenshot through the use of Optifine and a shader known as Sildur's Vibrant shaders. I use the "high" version, but you may of course experiment with different things.

    To use these two tools, navigate to the Refugia 3 install and enter the mods directory. Paste the Optifine jar file into this directory and return to the Refugia 3 install folder, one level up. Here, create a new folder called "shaderpacks" and paste the zip file of the vibrant shader pack into it.

    Finally, to turn it on, open Minecraft and go to Options --> Video Settings --> Shaders and click on that zip file. If you cannot find a zip file in the options, you have pasted the file incorrectly. If you do not see the option for Shaders, you have pasted the Optifine file incorrectly.

    In the future, more mods can be added once they are properly tested and I will update the Refugia 3 modpack accordingly. For those of you who need it, anyone is free to use the minecraft server and build their assorted base on it. We have normal sane non-griefing rules and violators will be IP banned to the liberal votes dimension.

    You can use this thread to talk about bugs and suggestions, as well as a general discussion for your exploits in this server, if you wish it.

    Happy mining!


Hello treasured friends, I know the modpack is a pain in the butt, but I'm hoping to add some more builder-friendly material in the long run, so I'll be sure to give you all advanced warning when the server updates, but here's some ideas I have at the moment:

Firstly, remove chisel and bits. It doesn't seem to add the function of the old chisel mods, it only deals in microblocks. I don't know how those are at this point in time, but I know that they caused some marked problems in the past, so I'm looking to take out this mod and replace it with one that actually adds more block designs.

I think this can be accomplished with masonry mod, and I remember seeing this from before when I was looking for a replacement. I don't know why I completely forgot about it. It's not made by the chisel people, and it's entirely separate in its function, but it does look like it adds back a number of blocks that at least look like ones that we used to use in 1.12

Something else to possibly consider is the Supplementaries, which is an odd assortment of decorative nicknacks that you can put in your home, office, dungeon, torture facility, etc.

For more build-happy mod series, there looks like a set from Macaw with windows, doors, fences, and paintings. I saw some other things, but I wasn't too enthused.

Let me know any thoughts you have about these ideas


I really appreciate the extra work you've put in for this. Masonry and Supplementaries look amazing, and while I think the Macaw mods are a bit hit or miss, I can see a lot of cool things being built with them. Very good finds!

I'll just float Decorative Blocks as an idea again. It doesn't add a lot of stuff, but the things it does add are all pretty neat in my opinion. Braziers, chandeliers, and bonfires seem like fun ways to light things up, and the ceiling beams are the star of the show imo. If there's no interest, that's fine, but if we were adding fun things to build/build with, I thought it was worth at least mentioning.