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Started by Luca, February 25, 2019, 03:32:19 PM

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If you request a new wiki account and I don't see it, send a message here or message me directly.

Welcome to the Wiki Discussion thread, the officially sanctioned omni topic and verbal dumping grounds for all of your MediaWiki conversational inclinations.

Q: What is the Refuge Wiki?
A: It's Wikipedia, but for stuff you make up in RPs.

Q: Why do we have it?
A: Because wikis are a fantastic way to organise information about topics you already like thinking and talking about without the bizarre anarchy of Google Docs.

Q: What goes here?
A: Basically whatever you want.
Wikis are a tool to put things together in one place. If you're doing an RP and it has some hundred thousand words and you need some obscure reference you made a fifth of the way it, it's so much easier to look at your character's wiki page than dig through your notes or read fifteen posts looking for it. You can build you character pages just like a Wikipedia biography with fancy templates and features. Include information that's difficult or awkward to work into your posts, and work on building your gameworld with other players.

Members need an account to make and edit articles, verified by the admin tower, so that brigands and wild animals don't blast us into the stratosphere with vandalism.

View the getting started link on the main page to view tutorial pages written by MediaWiki on how to use their software. View demo and tutorial pages written by me to learn how to use our templates.

Use this topic for any passing questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, complaints, bug reports, ideas, and flights of fancy you may have that pertain to this service. We can train you to be an expert in this thingymabobbber and effortlessly exceed my abilities overnight.

The link to this wiki is here! And it's also a child board of the Roleplay Board, so you can find it at the top of the page if you're inside the RP board index.